Sam’s Club in Montana Promotes Anti-Police, Anti-White Propaganda


According to Phil Matteson of Cascade County, the former law enforcement officer and longtime Montana public servant did not appreciate being inundated with anti-American “Black Lives Matter” propaganda at his recent visit to Sam’s Club.

Visiting the retail giant at approximately 1:30 PM on June 4, Matteston later reported the incident to Montana Daily Gazette, “I observed an employee near the checkout in an employee vest wearing a Black Lives Matter mask. The employee was clearly on duty.”

The former LEO reported, “I dedicated my entire career to protecting and safeguarding my community and Montana’s citizens as a sworn law enforcement officer. Black Lives Matter (BLM) publicly calls for the death of law enforcement officers and celebrates publicly when officers are killed. I found this mask being worn by an on-duty employee highly offensive.”

According to Matteson, he left the store and later asked to speak to the store manager. Instead, he was forwarded to the assistant manager, Wendy, who according to the officer, “the issue had been addressed previously at a corporate level due to prior complaints. Employees are permitted to wear BLM materials at work.”

The former LEO then asked a common-sense and reasonable question. Would the Ku Klux Klan then allow them to wear a KKK mask?. The assistant manager immediately responded that such a thing would be offensive, and Matteson again iterated he did not support the KKK, BLM, or any form of hate-group.

Matteson said, “I made it clear that the BLM mask was highly offensive to me and would be to any law enforcement officers who saw it.”

Matteson then called Sam’s Club Corporate office and asked for a manager, speaking with “Juana.”

He told MDG, “I repeated my concerns to Juana. Juana stated she was sorry if I was offended in any way at Sam’s Club. I explained I didn’t want an apology. I wanted to know if Sam’s Club and Walmart felt that allowing employees to wear clothing with highly offensive logos is a good idea and if they would continue that policy.”

However, the Sam’s Club corporate connection did not see a connection to BLM and the Klan, because BLM was “inclusive” (a code-word belonging to Critical Race Theory, an ideology of Cultural Marxism). BLM made national news repeatedly for making Caucasians march at the back of their parades, sit in the back of their protest vans, and did more property damage and killed more people in the summer of 2020 than the Ku Klux Klan in the last 70 years.

Matteson reported, “I asked if the official stance of Sam’s and Walmart is anti-law enforcement. She stated they are ‘inclusive.’ I again pointed out the very public position of BLM calling for the death of law enforcement officers. She seemed totally indifferent.”

The former LEO added, “I requested to speak with someone higher in supervision than Juana. She took my number because no one was available. No one has called me back.”


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