Endorsement: Derek Skees for MT GOP Treasurer


This endorsement is not difficult for the Montana Daily Gazette. Just as we happily endorsed Lola Sheldon Galloway for MT GOP Vice Chair, without hestitation, Derek Skees is the only logical, conservative choice for statewide treasurer of GOP resources.

As our lack of endorsement for Don “K” Kaltschmidt demonstrates, we do not take endorsements lightly. But in this regard, this is a no-brainer so far as principled conservatism is concerned.

As previously explained, we support candidates who fit the following qualifications:

  • Candidates who vote according to the Constitution of Montana and the U.S. Constitution, which requires voting ‘no’ on bills that are sometimes supported even by GOP leadership
  • Candidates who believe in local control of government, so long as local governments are abiding by the constitutional rights of their citizens
  • Candidates who support the lives and liberties of all Americans, both born and unborn
  • Candidates who believe that coordinated wealth redistribution through forced taxation schemes that treat different citizens unequally under the law is a moral issue (and qualifies as theft) and is to be opposed
  • Candidates who support objective reality and absolute truth in matters related to human biology
  • Candidates who have the legitimate capacity to win elections, or in some cases, whose candidacy – even if they cannot likely win – will send a message that conservatives will not be taken for granted as a voting block of the Republican Party without being prioritized by our leaders.
  • Candidates who are not associated with the Solutions Caucus, a group of Democrats who run on the Republican ticket, or in some cases, Republicans who do not stand by our party platform
  • Candidates who are generally accessible to the voting public and their constituents, who answer their emails, respond to texts, or pick up the phone to talk to voters in recognition that they are public servants and taxpayers are their employers
  • Candidates who reject Critical Race Theory, and who refuse to employ an ideology that divides identity groups rather than unifies individuals

Derek Skees exemplifies each and every one of these ideals and does so with zeal and without apology. In fact, the Montana Free Press – a left-leaning opinion blog – once referred to Skees as “an unapologetic conservative.” What they meant as an insult, we find endearing.

Skees has led the state for years as the best and most loyal firebrand conservative, protecing the constitution, upholding individual liberties, and fighting for a smaller and less intrusive government.

Year after year in the Montana legislature, Skees has done his best – and succeeded – at overseeing liberty-amplifying bills that keep Montana conservative. He has helped lower taxes, decrease regulation, and maximize personal freedom.

Meanwhile, as previously reported, his opponent, Terry Nelson, has done precisely the opposite. As we had written earlier…

“Terry Nelson, who is currently serving as treasurer of the Montana GOP and is the chairman of the Ravalli County Central Committee should he lose his race for State GOP Treasurer to the conservative leader, Derek Skees. However, Nelson has been a part of the problem – and certainly not the solution – in Ravalli County and its wayward and leftward Central Committee that has served to thwart more conservative voices. Additionally, Nelson repeatedly worked against Senator Theresa Manzella, who worked hard to defeat notorious RINO, Nancy Ballance, informing the public that Manzella “could not win” (Manzella won in a landslide). Furthermore, Nelson has worked behind the scenes to besmirch Manzella, running a misinformation and character assassination campaign against one of Montana’s finest conservatives.”

For those assembling to vote this weekend on our party leadership, there is no question…Derek Skees is not only a man, and the man, he is our man, and we support him without hesitation.


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