Endorsement: Lola Sheldon Galloway for MT GOP Vice Chair


As in the 2020 Montana primary and general elections, the editorial board of the Montana Daily Gazette, comprised of conservatives around the Big Sky State, make endorsements for candidates for public office – just like most legacy press outlets across the state.

It is important, for the sake of our journalistic transparency, to be honest with our readership as to why we endorse particular candidates and not others. Whereas Montana’s dying legacy press newspapers often issue such endorsements based upon the vaguest of reasons (and sometimes take those endorsements back under political pressure, as they did Jennifer Fielder in October of last year), the #1 online news publication in Montana, the Montana Daily Gazette, wants to be emphatically clear why we endorse or oppose candidates for office.

We support candidates who fit the following qualifications:

  • Candidates who vote according to the Constitution of Montana and the U.S. Constitution, which requires voting ‘no’ on bills that are sometimes supported even by GOP leadership
  • Candidates who believe in local control of government, so long as local governments are abiding by the constitutional rights of their citizens
  • Candidates who support the lives and liberties of all Americans, both born and unborn
  • Candidates who believe that coordinated wealth redistribution through forced taxation schemes that treat different citizens unequally under the law is a moral issue (and qualifies as theft) and is to be opposed
  • Candidates who support objective reality and absolute truth in matters related to human biology
  • Candidates who have the legitimate capacity to win elections, or in some cases, whose candidacy – even if they cannot likely win – will send a message that conservatives will not be taken for granted as a voting block of the Republican Party without being prioritized by our leaders.
  • Candidates who are not associated with the Solutions Caucus, a group of Democrats who run on the Republican ticket, or in some cases, Republicans who do not stand by our party platform
  • Candidates who are generally accessible to the voting public and their constituents, who answer their emails, respond to texts, or pick up the phone to talk to voters in recognition that they are public servants and taxpayers are their employers
  • Candidates who reject Critical Race Theory, and who refuse to employ an ideology that divides identity groups rather than unifies individuals

On Friday and Saturday, June 18 and 19, elected representatives from around the state consisting of county chairmen, finance chairs, and state commiteemen and committeewomen will converge in Helena to determine the future of our party.

One of the passions of the Montana Daily Gazette, since our inception, has been informing the public of the inner-workings of Helena and statewide politics. In doing so, we – as well as many of you – have become aware that many Democrats and Republicans-in-Name-Only (RINOs) have gained prominence in our party. The 2020 election was not a good year for them, and many lost their races against far better candidates. Yet, some of these men and women remain in the party.

With this being the context, Montana Daily Gazette proudly and enthusiastically endorses Rep. Lola Sheldon Galloway as the Vice Chair of the Montana GOP.

Rep. Sheldon Galloway currently serves as the GOP Vice-Chair of the MT GOP and – in our estimation – is one of the best and most stalwart conservatives in statewide office. The self-made woman, entrepreneur, and small business(es) owner serves HD22 in Cascade County, which enjoyed a spectacular Red Wave and a total lockout of Democrats in the 2020 election. On top of working for the state GOP, Sheldon Galloway can regularly be found manning her county’s headquarters, working tirelessly to get out the Republican vote.

Cascade County, more so than any other county, showed the power of Republican organization in the last election. Due largely to Rep. Sheldon Galloway’s leadership, they did what the rest of the state Republicans need to do; win.

In the last legislative session, Rep. Sheldon Galloway sponsored HB136, a pain-capable pro-life bill, signed by Governor Gianforte. She sponsored an adoption bill to expedite the process to find children a home (a truly pro-life position), HB502. She also sponsored bills against Big Tech Censorship, HB587 and HB597, which did not pass, but will likely see greater response in the next session as more and more people find out that conservatives are being censored by Big Tech in partnership with government entities.

Sheldon Galloway also served on the House Tax and House Health and Human Services Standing Committee, and is a champion of the people of the state of Montana. Currently, she is also serving on the interim Native American affairs committee.

Working with Don “K” Kaltschmidt, she worked hard to achieve their four goals:

  • Win the U.S. Senate Seat and keep Steve Bullock from winning that spot (accomplished)
  • Win the U.S. Congressional Seat, placing Matt Rosendale in that spot (accomplished)
  • Win all 5 land board seats (accomplished)
  • Keep a majority in both chambers of the legislature (accomplished)

Rep. Sheldon Galloway has overseen and contributed to great fundraising efforts, has been inclusive of all conservatives in the party, and has taken an offensive, rather than a reactive defensive position, in relation to party life.

Currently, Rep. Sheldon Galloway is working with Benefis employees to protect their right to bodily autonomy over their unlawful vaccine requirements and is working as a representative, as MT GOP Vice-Chair, and as a private citizen to keep Montana conservative.

In short, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Rep. Lola Sheldon Galloway is not broke, but she is indeed fixing the problems in the Montana GOP that were at least 15 years in the making thanks to the long list of “Republicans” who worked hand-in-hand with Democrat governors to give them whatever they legislatively wanted.

For us, the choice is clear. Rep. Lola Sheldon Galloway should remain the Vice-Chair of the Montana GOP. Please share this article on your Facebook page, send it to your county Republican Central Committee, and embrace conservatism in 2022 and beyond.

[Editor’s Note: Further endorsements are coming, please stand-by and read Montana Daily Gazette for more]


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