Montana Daily Gazette Unable to Endorse ‘Don K’ for MT GOP Chairman At This Time


We would like to endorse Don “K” Kaltschmidt for Chairman of the Montana GOP, and until this weekend, the Montana Daily Gazette editorial board was prepared to release his endorsement today, as we did earlier with Rep. Lola Sheldon Galloway. However, due to the facts as we now understand them, we are unable to offer an endorsement at this time.


In 1863, the Republican Party led the fight for the abolition of slavery, and our Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, emancipated the slaves much to the chagrin of the Democratic Party which had universally sided with slavery and trafficking of fellow human beings. One hundred years later, Republicans led the Civil Rights Movement and passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, overturning the so-called Jim Crow Laws that Democrats passed following their defeat in the Civil War, which codified bigotry into U.S. Law.

However, in the latter 20th Century and enduring until today, black Americans have largely coalesced with the Democratic Party, which has increasingly pledged to redistribute wealth through taxation and have created the modern welfare state. Although statistical analysis demonstrates that unfettered social welfare programs have led to tragic results for African Americans, the campaign promises of the Democratic Party to our African American neighbors have been just enough to make them a powerful voting block of the DNC. Despite Republican presidents being the very first to appoint an African American Supreme Court justice, an African American National Security Advisor, an African American Secretary of State, and have led the way in racial inclusion, these facts have not been enough to avail many blacks – roughly 84% – who vote Democrat each presidential election no matter what.

What has the Democratic Party done for our African American friends and countrymen? They have used Planned Parenthood to eliminate 55% of black children before they can be born. Black unemployment was at a record low under President Donald Trump, but are again falling behind under the president of Joe Biden. Republicans – and not Democrats – have done everything possible to provide for school vouchers and school choice, so black children can escape sub-par inner-city schools and attend the educational institution of their choice. Why can Democrats not point to a single thing they have tangibly done for the African American community besides empty rhetoric as a part of their bi-annual campaigns?

The answer is probably simple; many black Americans are a faithful voting block, will vote Democrat no matter what, and Democrat politicians know it. Although there are exceptions, from Condoleeza Rice to Colin Powell to Thomas Sowell, Alan Keyes, and yes – even Kanye West – these black Americans were castigated by Joe Biden as being “ain’t really black.”


There is often opposition at the state GOP party-level toward conservative candidates who vote in accordance to the wishes of their constituents. The Democrat-wing of the Republican Party, known by various names as the Solutions Caucus, the Conservative Solutions Caucus, the Responsible Republicans, or the Log Cabin Republicans (they change their names often so voters do not become wise to their strategies), have repeatedly manipulated statewide GOP leadership for a “seat at the table” that they did not and cannot win in fair elections.

Led by Llew Jones, who has served Governors Steve Bullock (D) and Brian Schweitzer (D) just as faithfully as Governor Greg Gianforte (R), this group of subversive idealogues lost many of their leaders during the Red Wave of 2020 (for example, they lost Nancy Ballance to conservative, Theresa Manzella, lost Eric Moore to conservative, Jerry Schillinger, and lost Joel Krautter to conservative, Brandon Ler). And yet, it has repeatedly been reported to Montana Daily Gazette by Helena insiders that there is a reluctance among party leadership to amplify the messaging of our more rightwing officials because of pressure placed upon leadership by the Democrat-wing of the Republican Party.

For example, reports came to MDG this weekend that Kaltschmidt will find an appointment of one kind of another for Terry Nelson, who is currently serving as treasurer of the Montana GOP and is the chairman of the Ravalli County Central Committee should he lose his race for State GOP Treasurer to the conservative leader, Derek Skees. However, Nelson has been a part of the problem – and certainly not the solution – in Ravalli County and its wayward and leftward Central Committee that has served to thwart more conservative voices. Additionally, Nelson repeatedly worked against Senator Theresa Manzella, who worked hard to defeat notorious RINO, Nancy Ballance, informing the public that Manzella “could not win” (Manzella won in a landslide). Furthermore, Nelson has worked behind the scenes to besmirch Manzella, running a misinformation and character assassination campaign against one of Montana’s finest conservatives.

Meanwhile, in previous decisions, Kaltschmidt has promoted Sarah Swanson, a notorious RINO and epic busybody who works feverishly to undermine statewide conservatives. Despite it now being reported that Kaltschmidt is done supporting Swanson because of her clandestine work for the liberals, he should have known better to begin with. In fact, he has asked conservatives to stop using the term “RINO,” which perfectly defines those of whom we speak.

Our rhetoric is not dividing the party. The RINO’s voting record is dividing the party.

The attitude from Don Kaltschmidt seems to be clear; we must appease the Democrat-RINO Wing of the Republican Party. Montana Daily Gazette strongly disagrees. The phrase is, “To the victors goes the spoils.” The RINOs lost in 2020 and they need to be in the time-out corner for at least 2 to 4 years until they learn to behave themselves, and not be given a seat at the table.

Montana Daily Gazette editor, James White, corresponded with Kaltschmidt earlier this morning, conveying these concerns. Kaltschmidt did not admit intentions to appoint Nelson or another RINO to one position or another, but stated plainly that he would not deny it remaining a possibility in the future.


Let us be clear to Montana GOP Leadership; do not fear the RINO-left. Fear the conservative-right. If, and we mean if, Montana Daily Gazette and the rest of the state’s coalition of conservatives decided to support Libertarians, Constitutionalist Party members, third-party candidates, or write-ins to teach Don Kaltschmidt or whoever else in the party who insists on making room for losing liberal candidates in the name of party unity a lesson, we will demolish the party in one fell swoop.

Republicans won by 10% margins in 2020 because Donald Trump was on the ticket. But in 2022, he will not be. In the next election, Republicans will be back to a 2-3% advantage, as things politically get “back to normal.”

And believe us when we tell you that the Llew Jones, Terry Nelsons, and Sarah Swansons do not control the votes that are under the sway of our readership and the followers of groups like Montanans for Limited Government, Bukacek’s anti-abortion movement, or other like-minded groups keeping Montana conservative. If we want to teach the Montana GOP leadership a lesson – that they should lean conservative and not make unnecessary concessions to political losers, we will. And God help us all if we have to follow our principles and not vote by a name because it says “R” by it in the next election.

Montana Republicans have two fundamental problems. The first are Democrats who run in our party because they’re too dishonest to put their genuine party affiliation on the ballot (we are looking at you, Geraldine Custer). The second, however, are Republicans who may very well be conservatives, but who lack the courage and wherewithal to resist the RINOs and tell them precisely what creek to jump into.

At Montana Daily Gazette, we presume Don K is a fine gentleman, a quality human, and a good man. We believe him to be a conservative, but until he demonstrates the courage to say no to the Democrat-wing of the Party, he might just be part of the problem.


As laid out in our endorsement for Rep. Sheldon Galloway, we have the following criterion for such endorsements:

  • Candidates who vote according to the Constitution of Montana and the U.S. Constitution, which requires voting ‘no’ on bills that are sometimes supported even by GOP leadership
  • Candidates who believe in local control of government, so long as local governments are abiding by the constitutional rights of their citizens
  • Candidates who support the lives and liberties of all Americans, both born and unborn
  • Candidates who believe that coordinated wealth redistribution through forced taxation schemes that treat different citizens unequally under the law is a moral issue (and qualifies as theft) and is to be opposed
  • Candidates who support objective reality and absolute truth in matters related to human biology
  • Candidates who have the legitimate capacity to win elections, or in some cases, whose candidacy – even if they cannot likely win – will send a message that conservatives will not be taken for granted as a voting block of the Republican Party without being prioritized by our leaders.
  • Candidates who are not associated with the Solutions Caucus, a group of Democrats who run on the Republican ticket, or in some cases, Republicans who do not stand by our party platform
  • Candidates who are generally accessible to the voting public and their constituents, who answer their emails, respond to texts, or pick up the phone to talk to voters in recognition that they are public servants and taxpayers are their employers
  • Candidates who reject Critical Race Theory, and who refuse to employ an ideology that divides identity groups rather than unifies individuals

If Don Kaltschmidt insists on unifying the party with individuals who do not embody the above beliefs, we will oppose him. For now, we are merely withholding our endorsement for the lack of known qualified opposition.

Unity for the sake of unity is pointless. Unity must have an object. It is a means, not an end unto itself. And Montana’s conservatives will absolutely not unify with those who self-identify as Republicans but who do not uphold our values. That day is done. We hold the governorship. We hold the Attorney General’s office. The problem is not that Democrats are getting in the way. The problem is that the Democrat-wing of the Republican Party is getting in the way.

No more. It’s a new day in Montana, and if necessary, we will call for new leadership. Perhaps the day will come when the chairman of the MT GOP will verbalize his opposition to those who undermine our platform, and we can endorse him. Until then, we refrain.

Conservatives must refuse to be taken for granted, and presumed – as Democrats do with our fellow black Americans – to always vote party-line no matter what. We will not be overlooked or ignored in the name of faux unity. We refuse to be pandered to during election season but utterly discounted during the interim.

[Editor’s Note: To understand who those legislators are exactly, who pretend to be Republicans but vote more like Democrats, check out legistats at this link]


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  1. I will be publishing an open letter to Don K, once the GOP leadership team is elected.

    Agree with your analysis of the State leadership situation. It is maddening to watch the gamesmanship; but, on the bright side, the newly activated conservatives in the trenches are awake to the cognitive dissonance and re-evaluating their support of RINOs.
    Thank you, MDG and James White for holding MT GOP’s feet to the fire, and highlighting the Constitutional rock stars who work so hard to uphold/restore our platform principles.
    Engage. Educate. Activate.
    Must be our mantra, in every community.


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