BUSTED!!! Election Steal Confirmed! Pennsylvania Results Show Statistically Impossible Results


On November 13, 2020, we reported the following which to date is STILL UNEXPLAINED by any election official in Pennsylvania.

We caught them!

We caught their fraud!

And in this post — OUR FIRST OF MANY — We will reveal how they stole the battleground states!

TRENDING: Senator Ron Johnson’s Staff is Looking thru 14,000 Hours of Jan 6th Video Footage – 38% of 800 Protesters Were Waved in West Terrace Door by Capitol Police (VIDEO) The fix is in. The current results of the Presidential election in Pennsylvania reported to the public are fraudulent because they are nearly statistically impossible.

On election night President Trump totally ran away with the election in Pennsylvania. President Trump was ahead of Joe Biden by nearly 700,000 votes! It was an insurmountable lead.The President was still ahead in Pennsylvania with 56% of the vote to Biden’s 43% the next morning.The President was winning Pennsylvania and held a 675,000 vote lead in the election over Joe Biden. What happened next was corrupt and criminal as the Democrats went about to steal Pennsylvania for Biden. They took a Trump landslide and they criminally flipped it to…

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Original article posted by Joe Hoft at The Gateway Pundit. Title altered by Montana Daily Gazette.


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