Cadets That Refuse COVID Vaccine Sentenced to Solitary Confinement


    Military cadets at West Point Academy who refuse to take the COVID vaccine are being put in solitary confinement, with more restrictions than those who test positive for COVID.

    700 cadets initially refused to take the vaccine, but after they were gathered and briefed on the supposed benefits of the vaccine, faced alleged daily pressure from “senior officials,” and threats of shortened leave, many cadets either gave in or left the school completely.

    An anonymous whistleblower with the National File reported that West Point cadets returning for the summer programs have their leave of two weeks shortened to one week, having to spend 7 days quarantining in solitary confinement. The cadets are locked up for 23 hours a day in one room, allowed only one hour outside.

    These “quarantines,” terribly reminiscent of sentences given to criminals, are not for those who test positive for the virus. The cadets are reportedly not tested for COVID until after their 7 day sentence.

    These quarantine orders for the unvaccinated, untested cadets is stricter than the quarantine orders for cadets who tested positive for COVID, pre-vaccination programs. For those cadets, they would be restricted, but were allowed to use the gym and leave their accommodations to order food.

    West Point reportedly plans to round up all cadets still refusing the vaccine and send them to one company or platoon, based on how many there are. At the time of this publishing there are around 50 cadets that are still defending their right to bodily autonomy.

    The whistleblower shared that it would be better for the unvaccinated cadets to be moved as they wouldn’t have to face the harassment from other troops. The unvaccinated are allegedly harassed by the vaccinated troops, mostly in the form of derogatory insults. The whistleblower stated: “They’re being treated like criminals. They’re trying to protect other people’s rights and their rights are being compromised.”

    The fact that these cadets are given what is effectively a 7-day prison sentence for exercising their right to bodily autonomy is devastating. That they’re not tested for COVID until after they’ve served their sentence and their quarantine is stricter than cadets who actually have the virus is proof that the punishment is not truly about fighting COVID. “They’re trying to protect other people’s rights and their rights are being compromised.”


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