Open Letter to the Trump Family: DO NOT ENDORSE ZINKE


Montana Daily Gazette Publisher, JD Hall, sent an ugent letter to Donald Trump Jr., encouraing him to talk his father into not endorsing Ryan ‘Washington’ Zinke for Montana’s new congressional seat. Below will be its contents as an “open letter” for all to see.

Before that, we want to explain the process of the MDG Editorial Board in making such endorsements or opposing them:

We make endorsements based upon the following criteon…

  • Candidates who vote according to the Constitution of Montana and the U.S. Constitution, which requires voting ‘no’ on bills that are sometimes supported even by GOP leadership
  • Candidates who believe in local control of government, so long as local governments are abiding by the constitutional rights of their citizens
  • Candidates who support the lives and liberties of all Americans, both born and unborn
  • Candidates who believe that coordinated wealth redistribution through forced taxation schemes that treat different citizens unequally under the law is a moral issue (and qualifies as theft) and is to be opposed
  • Candidates who support objective reality and absolute truth in matters related to human biology
  • Candidates who have the legitimate capacity to win elections, or in some cases, whose candidacy – even if they cannot likely win – will send a message that conservatives will not be taken for granted as a voting block of the Republican Party without being prioritized by our leaders.
  • Candidates who are not associated with the Solutions Caucus, a group of Democrats who run on the Republican ticket, or in some cases, Republicans who do not stand by our party platform
  • Candidates who are generally accessible to the voting public and their constituents, who answer their emails, respond to texts, or pick up the phone to talk to voters in recognition that they are public servants and taxpayers are their employers
  • Candidates who reject Critical Race Theory, and who refuse to employ an ideology that divides identity groups rather than unifies individuals

We have one other general rule, which is why it is a rule, and not a law. When in doubt between two perfeftly fine candidates, we will lean heavily toward the one that has not yet been corrupted by the time spent in the “Washington Swamp.”

This might make the open letter to the Trump Family more explnatory…


This is JD Hall with Gideon Knox Group. We run many alternative conservative newspapers, websites, and radio stations. You and I have crossed paths many times.
I am the publisher of Montana Daily Gazette, the largest news publication in the Rockies (by readership) as well as the most conservative, and we also run the 3rd largest Christian news site in the world.

I heard this morning that your father intends to endorse former Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, in our new congressional district.

I’m pleading with you NOT DO THAT. Don, Zinke IS NOT A FRIEND to your father and he is not supported by Montana Conservatives. Zinke does not live up to your or your fathers’ ideals. 

For the love of everything good and pure, please hold off on the endorsement! Zinke has asked for it from Don Sr., no doubt, because the Trump name always carries weight in Montana and he wants his primary opponents eliminated BEFORE our *real* POTUS finds out about his betrayals to MAGA.

We have fine alternatives to Zinke, like Dr. Al Olzewski. Please let the Montana primary work, before making endorsements in the General Election.

We are your people, Don. Please convey this to your father.

We are here at your service, as always.
Pastor JD Hall
President, Gideon Knox Group
Publisher, Montana Daily Gazette


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