Montana Nurses Unionize With Democrat and Communist Group to Refuse Patients Care



As Montana is coming off the tail-end of mass hysteria related to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been more important than ever to trust the opinion of genuine health officials (for example, Montana physicians Dr. Annie Bukacek and Dr. Tammy Parry, have been speaking the truth on the mild Chinese chest cold since the beginning). “Genuine health officials” do not include county bureaucrats, like Lewis & Clark County’s Drenda Niemann or Gallatin County’s Matt Kelley, who do not hold health degrees), but we should care about what front-line nurses have to say when it’s from personal experience and not political posturing.

Several weeks ago, the “front-line heroes” of Kalispell’s healthcare industry walked off the job to protest their pay and benefits during the midst of a “pandemic,” which might be the first time in human history people considering themselves essential workers went on strike for a pay increase during a supposed crisis.

In reality, of course, Montana hospitals are not now and never have been overwhelmed by COVID-19, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with renogitiating pay. The controversy of the hour, however, is with whom Kalispell care providers decided to partner with to achieve their list of demands.

According to a Legacy Press outlet in Kalispell known for widely producing left-leaning commentary disguised as “news,” the striking workers are associated with the Members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Healthcare.

The nurse picket and boycott has nothing to do with patient care, but as the Legacy Press outlet reported, “Nurses say while all of their demands are important, the pay is perhaps the most critical…”

In Montana, ten out of the highest-paying ten jobs are in the healthcare industry. To repeat, ten out of ten. But the nurse union, SEIU, wants more and – if not – are happy to let patients go without care.

Who is the SEIU exactly?

Please notice the following screenshot from Influence Watch

According to Influence Watch, “The SEIU is one of the totems of the modern institutional left, with deep ties to the Democratic Party, liberal institutions, and the broader labor movement.”

They were the first major union to endorse Barrack Obama for president. Also ironically for nurses, whose job it is protect life, the SEIU lobbies for both infanticide and euthanasia.

In the 2016, for example, the SEIU spent $272 million dollars in the election, with 99% going to Democrat candidates (see below).

The tactics of this union are borderline criminal, and certainly encourage criminality. The following excerpt from SEIU was discovered in their actions against the food company, Sodexo…

This behavior is what Montanans can look forward to with the brownshirts of this union…blackmail, personal threats, and intimidation.

Please note (as the screenshot below demonstrates, the SEIU regularly organizes with actual Communists to accomplish their goals.

Below are photos of SEIU supporters and organizers marching in literal Communist parades…

Montana – even in conservative regions like the Flathead Valley – are at risk from outside organizers who wish to commandeer our state for liberal, inhumane, and sinister purposes. Please share this article and warn healthcare workers not to participate with, join, or support this mafia-type of organization.


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