Montana School Spreads Irrational Fear and Anxiety Amidst Rash of Student Suicides


There are public health consequences that lead – in part – to suicide, self-harm, anti-social behavior, and depression, caused by the draconian attempts to terrorize the public with fear of a mild chest cold that has killed fewer Montanans in the last 18 months than Planned Parenthood. The scenes unfolding in the Flathead Valley demonstrate this fact.

Flathead High School has stepped off the ledge and is over the deep end promoting propaganda, forcing students to wear masks, socially distance and, in general, be terrified of one another in a bizarre mentally-deranged normalization of germophobia. Flathead School District 5 Administration is promoting an environment of negativity and propaganda that is having dire consequences upon the youth of that community.

The Flathead High School Yearbook of 2020/2021 is one prime example of this toxic messaging that has likely contributed to the deaths of several School District 5 students within the Flathead Valley.

Almost every word on the front cover of Flathead Highschool’s Yearbook has a negative connotation. “Quarantine, Vaccination, Face Mask, Wildfires, Floods” and more. It emulates almost a “Culture of Death” type of feeling as it dwells on so much of what’s negative in the world and sets the tone for a gloomy microcosm environment of the students as well.

It’s very characteristic of yearbooks to exemplify what’s going on in one’s geographical area and the world at large, but it is not a good idea when it promotes so much negativity in a world that is dying from it.

WebMD, quoting Dr. Taranjeet Jolly, an adult and pediatric psychiatrist at Penn State Health’s Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, warned the world a few months ago that masking, vaccine propaganda (which includes endless irrational fear-mongering), and endless psychological catastrophization surrounding COVID-19 has sparked a mental health crisis among young people, who are especially prone to psychological warfare and the power of suggestion.

Jolly warned, “We’ve seen an upsurge in really bad suicide attempts,” and the government response to the “pandemic” is likely behind that uptick.

Chiefly, the psychologist warns that “anxiety” – which is exacerbated and made worse by endless fear-mongering in the public schools, has weighed heavily upon the minds of students who are already susceptible to the struggles of adolescence.

Students want to remember which state tournaments they won, which choir songs they sang, and the mascot of their schools; not a Teflon-infused face mask issued out by the government to which most students hate (as do their parents) and which decreases oxygen levels as a result of such abuse.”

Last February, one particular female student who attends high school in the Flathead Valley got up at a school board meeting (consisting of about 170 people, half of whom were adamantly opposed to the mask and quarantines) and told how a classmate had committed suicide as a result of being in quarantine. Several students at that meeting begged not to be placed into quarantine. Many parents of local high school students have revealed to Montana Daily Gazette that (especially recently) the biggest issue with high school students is learning how to properly deal with their ongoing mental health dilemmas directly affecting them via the types of propaganda smeared all over the front the Yearbook.

[One student got up during a school board meeting] and “told how a classmate had committed suicide as a result of being in quarantine.

Sorrowfully, a Flathead High School freshman took his life just 10 days ago.

In an act of total tactlessness, the Principal of Flathead High School, Michele Paine, sent an email revealing the deceased student’s name to all parents and students just 7 hours following his passing. This occurred Tuesday, June 8th, and also happened to be the last day of finals. Paine revealed the news even before the extended family of the freshman was notified. A close friend of the young man who passed away was so upset he had to leave school partway through his final as he was too shook up to complete his testing. Even the usually inept School District 5 School Board who met that evening knew they were not to reveal any personal information concerning the young man who took his life.

There has been a total of 4 suicides by teens this year in Flathead County and one recent attempt.

A local Flathead High School Junior revealed that substitute teachers claim, “We can’t keep you here in the classroom and make you stay because of Covid.” Skipping school and flunking classes is common at Flathead High School due to such ill-treatment concerning masks, the quarantining of well individuals, etc.

Kids who can’t breathe tend to skip school.

Carl Hennell is the Yearbook and Newspaper Advisor who also teaches English and Mythology at Flathead High School. Along with the Superintendent of Public Instruction (Micah Hill), they have been hyperfocused on the fear, catastrophization, and pro-isolation measures of COVID-19 fear mongers.

Hill, the superintendent, loves the mask. But why wouldn’t he? Hill makes big bucks off of Covid 19. Just two months ago, the School Board awarded him two consecutive raises totaling over 12k in monetary compensation. Covid is big cash for school districts and various health and taxpayer-funded organizations, and the longer the “pandemic” goes on, the more bureaucrats benefit.

The School District 5 School Board also revealed on Tuesday, June 8, that they will go to “Phase Three,” (meaning mask choice for summer school students) but at their discretion will very possibly go back to “Phase Two,” meaning they will again mask-up students this fall in the Flathead Valley.

Just three weeks ago Hill issued a vaccination clinic at Flathead High School much to the dismay of many parents and citizens.

Hennell, responsible for the yearbook, is following in the footsteps of this oppressive administration. And what “flies” at the top trickles down the line. It probably felt perfectly normal for this teacher (after a full school year of indoctrination) to then slime the cover of the Yearbook in dross and litter.

But there’s more to the story.

Students are exasperated and fed up. One senior in particular is enraged over the fact that classmates termed as “In-School Learning” instead of “Remote Learning” have much larger Senior photos inserted into the Yearbook than those who choose not to attend in person if it means wearing a mask. If that’s not full-blown preference, what is?

Equally or perhaps more disturbing is the fact that Linderman High School Seniors (an extension of Flathead High School as an alternative school and part of School District 5) weren’t even included in the Yearbook at all!

All in all, the entire year at Flathead High School has been a royal mess and not the success the liberal administration pretends it is.

Don’t fall for Micah Hill’s repeated pride when he states, “We’ve stayed open the whole school year and haven’t closed down once.”

Sorry, Micah Hill. There is a pandemic of fear, intolerance, tyranny, and forced masking that is closing the lives of some of your students. Shame on you. It’s time to let kids be free.

[Editor’s Note: If you are considering self-harm or suicide, please call 800-273-8255 for help]


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