Marxism Used as Campaign Speech at MT GOP Convention



Over the weekend, Montana electors chosen by their Republican Central Committee members (State Committee-men, State Committee-women, Finance Chairs, and Party Chairmen or Chairwomen) along with elected state representatives and state senators, gathered for the Montana GOP Convention. The primary business at hand was the election of officers to serve as officers of the state party.

Montana Daily Gazette endorsed Lola Sheldon Galloway for Vice-Chair, Derek Skees for Treasurer, and Brad Tschida for Secretary. We chose not to endorse Don “K” Kaltschmidt because we wanted to make sure he would not appoint RINOs to at-large positions, a commitment he was not able to provide us (we did, however, acknowledge that he was a man of good character and conservative at heart). We also did not write an endorsement for Suzanne Nordwick, but did run her advertisements during her primary race in 2020.

Ultimately, each candidate we endorsed won election at the MT GOP and in addition, Nordwick and Kaltschmidt. Challengers to Kaltschmidt, Tschida, and Skees dropped out of the race before the convention meeting began, but Lola Sheldon Galloway remained the only contested candidate for statewide office.

After some level of chaos regarding the credentialing of 13 counties which were solved by the passage of a motion made by Sen. Steve Hinebaugh (Glendive), the convention made wise decisions as to the party’s leadership.


Cascade County has remained a party in division. Despite the county making broad statewide news for a colossal “red wave” that expunged Democrats from office throughout the county, largely thanks to the work of Lola Sheldon Galloway and other grassroots organizers, the Central Committee has done everything possible to hurt, rather than help, conservatives.

After the endorsement of Cyndi Baker, the Cascade County Chairwoman, the crisis in the Cascade County Republican Central Committee makes much more sense.

After the motion and second for her nomination, made by fellow Cascade County women, Baker rose to speak. She began by saying, “You are looking at the face of the future of the Republican Party.”

A few moments of awkward silence followed, which Baker presumedly gave for dramatic effect.

Baker then followed her comment by stating emphatically, “I am a strong fiscal and social conservative…” which, of course, is usually how everyone – both conservatives and RINOs alike – begin their stump speeches in Montana. Only the former mean it, and the latter say it because it’s necessary to be elected in our conservative districts.

But then, after professing her “conservatism,” Baker went on to espouse Critical Race Theory for several minutes past her allotted time. Critical Race Theory, also known as Cultural Marxism, came from the Frankfurt School of Marxism that arose during the Third Reich of Nazi Germany.


Critical Race Theory, originating in the Frankfurt School, was tweaked by lawyers influenced by the German-Jewish philosophers who fled Germany just prior to Hitler’s Final Solution. Escaping Germany because of their ethnicity, they came to Columbia University in New York.

Their work combined the economic policies of Bolschevik Communism of Russia, which sought to divide the populace by the categories of the proletariat (the poor) and the bourgeois (the rich). However, once in the United States at Columbia University, the Marxists discovered that the princples of Communism would not work in the West or wherever Capitalism existed because here, the poor do not hate the rich because the poor can become rich through the power of class mobility.

However, the Frankfurt School Marxists were also influenced by another ideology besides Bolshevik Communism. They were influenced by Hitler’s racialism, which made a great ordeal about ethnicity, which ultimately would lead to a catastrophic level of racial disharmony, the Final Solution, and the Holocaust of the Jewish People. As the ideas of racialism, a construct made possible by the widespread acceptance of Darwinism, led to rampant racism even outside Germany, fueled white supremacy, and in the 20th Century, led to Black Nationalism, Hispanic supremacy in groups like La Raza, Black Lives Matter, and has fueled racial disunity that led to 2.2 billion dollars in property damage and dozens of lost lives during the summer of 2020 in America.

The combination of these two ideas – Russian Communism and German Racialism – led to Cultural Marxism, which sought to divide people not only by socio-economic class, but by ethnic division.

This ideology is the polar opposite of that which was the message of Dr. King and the Republicans who passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, that our children “should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.”

The idea slightly evolved in the 1990s by attorneys trying to find a way to absolve their African American clients, who are arrested, prosecuted, and incarcerated at higher rates than their Caucasian peers. With Jim Crow laws being overturned, they looked for a reason to claim that “racism” was the reason for this disparity, rather than different rates of criminality. Ideas like “systemic racism,” “whiteness,” “blackness,” “white fragility,” and “micro-aggressions” emerged to become the ideology now known as Critical Race Theory.

And as the Montana Daily Gazette reported, Attorney General Austin Knudsen declared Critical Race Theory unconstitutional in the public school only weeks ago, on the grounds (rightly) that it is racist, anti-American, and divisive.


Baker looked out at the crowd at the MT GOP Convention and said “I look out and see that I am the only minority in the room.”

The crowd gasped, and some chuckled, and others shook their head in disapproval as there were many minorities in the room. There were black people, Indigenous people, Eastern Europeans (first-generation Americans), and Hispanics in the room, including the President of the Montana Young Republicans.

Some in the crowd looked over at the companion of Rep. Braxton Mitchell, who was quite evidentally not Caucasian, who simply shook his head in disbelief at what was uttered.

But her speech got even worse. She demanded to be elected based upon the color of her skin, and cast aspersions upon Rep. Sheldon Galloway because of the color of her skin, a woman who has worked tirelessly to be elected by the sheer merit of her convictions and work ethic.


Republicans freed the slaves when the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, issued the Declaration of Emancipation on January 1, 1963. Republicans fought for emancipation because they believed skin color or ethnicity did not matter.

Republicans fought for civil rights in during the American Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s and fought their Democrat colleagues to pass the 1964 Civil Rights act. They did so because they believed that skin color or ethnicity did not matter.

Republican presidents appionted the first black Supreme Court Justice, the first (and second) black Secretary of State, and first black National Security Advisor because we believe that skin color or ethnicity does not matter.

Furthermore, Republicans believe in meritocracy, that someone should be appointed, hired, or elected to a position not because of their identity or ethnicity, but because of their merit.

And yet, the speech from Baker invoked the buzz-words of Critical Race Theory including “diversity, inclusion, and equity” (also known by the acronym, D.I.E.). It was the most leftwing speech ever given on the floor of the GOP Convention in Montana history, according to some longtime members of the party who have attended each convention for decades.


Montana Daily Gazette publisher, Jordan Hall, was the first to cast a ballot in the race for Vice Chair and said on Facebook, “I’ve never had a higher honor in my life than being the first to vote against that Marxist.”

Ultimately, Baker lost her race with a mere 46 votes. One wonders how 46 people at the MT GOP agreed that ethnicity outweighs experience and merit, but that’s approximately the percentage of RINOs in the room, associated with Llew Jones’ infamous ‘Solutions Caucus,’ which is sometimes referred to as “the Democrat Wing of the Republican Party.”

Ms. Baker did not lose because she was Hispanic. She lost because she was a Marxist and chose to use her time espousing the tenets of Critical Race Theory. The crowd was smart enough to realize Marxism when they hear it, even if it is prefaced with, “I am a strong fiscal and social conservative.”


We do not know how a Critical Race Theorist became the chairwoman of the Cascade County Republican Committee, but if she employed a similar argument for her election there, it is a reproach to the fine conservatives of Cascade County.

The question for the MT GOP is how many other Cominterns are embedded in our central committees, and what might be the best way to throw them out.

What makes someone a Republican is not their skin color. What makes someone a conservative is not their ethnicity. What makes someone valuable is not their nation of origin. And what unites the party is not diversity, but unity. And that which we must be unified around is our shared convictions surrounding our platform.

Ultimately, we are pleased with Ms. Baker’s speech because it indicates that no matter how failed her strategy might have been, there is a cancer that exists in our party. Cancer spreads. It must be rooted out, and cast – as Brad Tschida would say – “into the dustbin of history.”


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