Montana Citizens Denied 4th Amendment Rights by Corrupt DOJ


Since the two articles (here and here) that we published at Montana Daily Gazette exposing the naked corruption by the Department of Justice operating in Montana, namely the FBI, several other crime victims have reached out to the Gazette to share their story.

Before we get to the evidence showing the crimes committed against citizens from Montana, let’s take a moment to review a few recent articles that lend credibility to the narrative going forward and that lay the groundwork to understand the systemic corruption within one of the most powerful law enforcement agencies in the world.

John and Nisha Whitehead recently penned an article for the Rutherford Institute entitled, The FBI’s Mafia-Style Justice: To Fight Crime, the FBI Sponsors 15 Crimes a Day. The opening paragraph (below) sums things up nicely, and the article just gets better from there.

Almost every tyranny being perpetrated by the U.S. government against the citizenry—purportedly to keep us safe and the nation secure—has come about as a result of some threat manufactured in one way or another by our own government. – John and Nisha Whitehead

Sometimes, the FBI sidesteps the false-flag operation, which is usually chock-full of FBI “agent provocateurs,” and they opt for the extra-unconstitutional angle of outright property theft like the situation outlined below in the article entitled, Feds accused of seizing $85 million from safe deposit boxes without ‘any legal basis.

The FBI’s theft of $85 million is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution, covered in more detail below.

Hundreds of people storing valuables in safe deposit boxes in Los Angeles may never see their cash, precious metals, and heirlooms again unless a federal judge intervenes in the next week. Several are suing the government for seizing the contents of about 800 boxes as part of a March raid of the storage provider, U.S. Private Vaults (USPV), which was indicted for conspiracy to sell drugs and launder money. – Just the News

The cases outlined above merely scratch the surface of the rampant criminality perpetrated by the FBI against the citizenry of not only Montana but the nation at large.

One of the many, and, perhaps, the most egregious violation of the rights of citizens is the obliteration of the 4th Amendment, which reads as follows:

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

In Montana, there has arisen great suspicion over the legality and constitutionality of the current process that federal agents use to secure a search warrant for a business or residence. In summary, it appears that agents are either “rubber-stamping” the magistrate’s signature or just simply forging the magistrate’s signature as needed.

Click on the document below to view 3 separate warrants, all signed by the same magistrate, Kathleen DeSoto, which all have different signatures on them. In fact, one of the warrants has the magistrate’s signature in printed form, which is not a signature.

To make the point even clearer, images of the actual signatures from the 3 different warrants are isolated below.

It doesn’t take an Ivy League graduate to determine that all 3 of the signatures listed above are different. In fact, the last “signature” is printed, which is certainly puzzling since the term signature is hardly ambiguous.

In light of the evidence, one has to ask the burning question, “which signature is the real one, or are they all fake?” Furthermore, since all 3 signatures are different, at least 2 of them are forged or “rubber-stamped.” No other explanation makes sense. Did Magistrate DeSoto carefully review all of the evidence in each case and conduct a warrant hearing? Since it doesn’t look like DeSoto even signed at least 2, possibly all 3 warrants, the chances of proper procedure being followed is not high.

As the evidence is reviewed and digested, it is difficult to come to any other conclusion than the US Department of Justice, and their main henchmen, the FBI, is an organized crime syndicate that operates within the border of all 50 states. We cannot do anything about the other 49, but for Montana’s sake let’s kick the corrupt US DOJ out of Montana for good.


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  1. Jim; Almost every problem facing this Nation , stems from Article Three of the Constitution. The Trial of all Crimes, except in cases of Impeachment; shall be by JURY. The reason the Founding Fathers said jury, is because they did not trust judges, because they were government employees. We have allow all judges to become gods and kings. They are referees, there job is to control the two lawyers.I hate standing up when a judge walks into a room.


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