Hero Sheriff Earns Resounding Applause at MT GOP After Leaving Democratic Party


Montana Daily Gazette has repeatedly covered the heroics of Cascade County Sheriff, Jesse Slaughter, as he repeatedly chose to do his job of protecting his constituents’ liberties during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, Sheriff Slaughter was a Democrat in Cascade County, the county just north of the state’s capital city of Helena, which contains the notable town of Great Falls. As Lewis & Clark County has grown more liberal in recent years in correlation to the growth of state government bureaucracy, neighboring Cascade County has grown more conservative and enjoyed a near-total wipe-out of Democrat opponents county-wide in 2020.

Slaughter’s job performance, however, has been done with indifference to his political affiliation as a Democrat. He was elected by the people of Cascade County to do his job, which primarily is to promote their liberties (personal safety, along with the ordinary means of law-and-order are just one of many liberties a sheriff is tasked with protecting). MDG covered Slaughter’s appearance on Montana Gazette Radio with constitutional sheriff and leader, Richard Mack. MDG also reported on Slaughter intervening after a court official threatened a potential juror for not wearing a mask at jury duty. We also reported Slaughter rebuking a judge for throwing a Pro-face man into the Cascade County jail and apologized on behalf of the Sheriff’s Department. We also reported Slaughter’s departure from the Democratic Party earlier today.

As we covered the report of his departure from the DNC (credit, Western Journal), Slaughter said, “From the very beginning, I’ve made it no secret that I’m a Constitutionalist, that I believe in the Constitution and that I believe it’s concrete and not up to a progressive interpretation.”

Sheriff Slaughter with Richland County State Committeeman and Montana Daily Gazette Publisher, Jordan Hall

Other problems for Slaughter with the Democratic Party, according to other press outlets, were the inattentiveness and disrespect shown to law enforcement, and especially their support for Antifa and #DefundthePolice groups. Slaughter appeared at the Montana GOP Convention and gave one of the most rousing speeches of the event.

Slaughter’s change to the Republican Party has not been without criticism by the Cascade County Democrats, who have not been quiet in their criticism by what they feel as a betrayal. Slaughter, however, was more concerned about betraying the Constitution than Democrats.

In response to his announcement of changing parties, the Cascade County Democrats issued their own statement in response, saying (in what one can only hopes is satirical), “Many people in Cascade County supported Jesse because he presented himself as a Democrat. He would not have won election without that support.

Cascade Democrats lost every election in 2020 against Republicans. Slaughter won the election because the people of Cascade County believed in him, not in his party. And he will win the election again as a Republican.

Over the last year or so, Montana Gazette Radio, hosted by MDG Editor, James White, has had on Sheriff Slaughter as a guest on four or five occasions. We did so not because we agree with his party affiliation, but because he supported the rights of the people who elected him.

White told the reporter for this article, “We promoted Sheriff Slaughter because he promoted the Constitution. We are Americans first and foremost. And sooner or later, if people care about the Constitution, they’ll become Republicans.”

Why did Slaughter become a Republican? At the GOP Convention, Slaughter made an astounding comment…

A Democrat critic had told him in rebuke, “Sheriff, all you care about is the Constitution.”

Then, Slaughter received resounding and wild applause at the convention, perhaps the most enthusiastic of the entire event. And this is why Republicans are winning elections in Montana.


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