Video: Ammon Bundy Would Work to End Family Court if Elected Idaho Governor


Patriot activist and candidate for Idaho Governor Ammon Bundy appeared on Montana Gazette Radio recently to speak about his platform and where he wants to take the great state of Idaho when he wins the election for the state’s highest office.

Bundy, who recently threw his hat in the ring for the 2022 Idaho Governor’s race, is no stranger to public appearances and negative press, as he has been vilified regularly after the 2014 standoff with the Federal Bureau of Land Management, which made international news and thrust the Bundy family into the national spotlight.

Always a man of the people who strictly adheres to the US Constitution and its principles, Ammon has a particular dislike for the corrupt legal system, a system that unsuccessfully attempted to put him and his family away for 100+ years.

In the last part of the interview, the host asked Bundy about the unlawful actions perpetrated by the Family Court system and what would Bundy do about it if he became Idaho Governor. The first video below reports Bundy’s answer on Family Court, while the second video is the entire, unedited interview with Ammon Bundy as Pastor JD Hall rides shotgun.


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  1. I am with Ammon , but I would to attack all courts and the judges that control them. Article Three says, The Trial of all Crimes , shall be by JURY. It does not say by judges. The reason the Founding Father said it this way especially Thomas Jefferson did not trust judges, because they were government employees. Almost every problem facing this Nation were create by the courts and the fact we have allow judges to become gods or kings. Every elected official, cop, soldier, judges and all federal employees all took an Oath to the Constitution, if they push socialism , communism, or the over throw of this Country, they are in violation of that Oath and should be tried for treason.


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