New Report Ranks Montana As #1 Patriotic State in the U.S.


You might have noticed that the Black Lives Matter and Antifa rallies in Montana in the summer of 2020 were like watching snowfall in South Texas. There were only a few snowflakes, they didn’t accomplish much, and melted away within just a few minutes. While most other states were canceling their 4th of July Celebrations for the chest cold, Montanans threw the American and Trump flags on their pickups and gave the fascist health boards two big middle fingers of black powder in the form of Roman Candles and celebrated our nation’s independence as every corner of the state lit up with fireworks from our backyards (no social distancing with neighbors required, despite what our governor at the time demanded).

In Montana, we stand for National Anthem, take our hats off for the pledge, and bow our heads when God’s name is invoked when petitioning him to bless America. And our great state has never closed our borders to any freedom-refugees who have flocked here from other states or nations so long as they’re ready to share our values and respect the Way of the West. And we are proud to announce that according to a recent study, Montana is the most patriotic state in the U.S.

Wallethub, a website that studies and publishes information on socioeconomics, ranked the states based upon methodology centering on two primary factors qualifying “patriotism.” These included (A) military enlistment and (B) civic engagement. They “evaluated those dimensions using 13 relevant metrics, which are listed…with their corresponding weights. Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the highest level of patriotism.”

The results are in from these two metrics, and Montana is #1.

And over-all, Republican states are more patriotic than Democrat states.

California ranks 46th and New York ranks 50th in patriotism. This should come as no large surprise.

[Editor’s Note: HT Rep. Braxton Mitchell for link in his social media]


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