CONSERVATIVES: The Left Is Coming For Us – Rudy Giuliani’s Law License Is a Warning

Photo: CQ-Roll Call, Inc., via Getty Images

The fact that Rudy Giuliani had his law license suspended in the state of New York should be a warning to us all: If you believe the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen, the Left is coming for you.

Rudy Giuliani was President Donald Trump’s lead attorney in handling the aftermath of the 2020 Election. While there is debate as to whether he was the most effective in regards to their attempt to expose the stolen election, he is a true patriot who loves this country and did his job furthering the legal recourse his client, the President of the United States, hired him to follow through on.

The Left, however, do not care about reality or the rule of law. Instead, they care about power. With the impending Arizona Audit results going to be released soon, it’s no wonder that they are doing anything they can to discredit Conservatives and Trump supporters.

What we have to realize about this, as tragic as it is for Rudy, this is a warning shot to the rest of us. If we continue to hold the line and fight for election integrity, we face similar pressure from the powers-that-be.

It might come in the form of IRS audits, as happened under President Barack Obama. It might come through pressure from Big Corporations, as we are seeing with Wells Fargo closing Lauren Witzke’s bank accounts. Or it could be through losing your job or livelihood because you have an opinion that flies in the face of the mainstream narrative.

No matter what, we are facing a new America with these power-hungry leftists in power. They are using whatever they can to discredit, intimidate and suppress us and our message. My good friend, Pastor Ken Peters, just had a visit from the FBI because he was in Washington DC at the MAGA Rallies.

Let me be clear… Rudy Giuliani losing his law license is not the end game. It’s just the start of their strategy to overthrow America. Next will be Conservative political leaders, both in positions of power or simply talking heads. Then it’ll be the conservative influencers, such as…

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Original article posted by Jeff Dornik at the Freedom First Network. Title altered by Montana Daily Gazette.


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