Love Lives Here (Lust Lives Here) Sexual Deviants Mock and Revolt Against Freedom Lovers of Flathead County.

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Love Lives Here (LLH) is a sinful and sexually deviant group of malignant God-hating individuals. 

They recently hosted several “Pride Events” in Flathead County including Pride Kickoff Party at the Columbia Falls Farmer’s Market, Pride Trivia at the Red Lion Inn in Kalispell, Pride Party in the Park at Kalispell’s Depot Park (which was met by torrents of rain while not far away from a Freedom Patriot BBQ was blessed with sunshine) and a Pride Karaoke Party at the Red Lion Inn in Kalispell.

Given that they’ve abandoned any rational sense of what sex, gender and identity even is, they’ve adopted a hodgepodge of labels that they’ve affixed themselves to, showing a startling amount of confusion and uncertainty about who they even are.

Day after day, these events promoted by “sexually lurid individuals” took place where children participated in several activities.

It doesn’t stop here. In 2018 LLH hosted special events for teens.

One particular Flathead Valley Patriot warned, “It looks like this weekly event has been renamed ‘FLY’ events, and they’re still going on. Luring young, sexually confused kids to a regular meeting to identify who they are, encourage them to become more degenerate, and build a relationship with them to prey on them is a pedophile’s dream come true.”

One example of this is the Flathead LGBTQ+ Alliance weekly meeting, which is an event by Love Lives Here set to take place on July 12, where they advertise “LGBTQ+ middle school and high school students in the Flathead Valley, we have a group for you! Every Wednesday from 6-7pm, we have a get-together for fun, discussion, and special events. You’re not alone! Come join us!”

Below is an email (via Love Lives Here) promoting atrocities and bizarre rhetoric this vile group spews like vomit. Love Lives Here are masters at shifting blame, and a cursory look at their spiel shows why:

“Thank you for protecting the Flathead Valley!

Anti-government, anti-mask, and pro-militia candidates ran in several school board races in May. A few won, but voters decisively elected more caring, dedicated people who have served our communities for many years. Thank you to everyone who chose leaders who are building work together to create safe, compassionate, successful communities. 

We are aware that the anti-mask candidates came from anti-government, pro-militia groups in the Flathead that have been are meeting regularly. We are very concerned that this could lead to more divisiveness. We have been watching extremist groups for years, and we saw them grow in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter protests and the harmful legislation during the 2021 Montana Legislative Session.

Love Lives Here would love to have your support. Your donations help us build relationships and take action quickly when discrimination, antisemitism, and racism harm the Flathead Valley.”

It would laughable if it weren’t so awful. The ones who are “anti-government” are LLH. They do not believe in a Judeo-Christian Ethic Worldview, which our Constitution was based upon. They are against the 2nd Amendment and are off the grid, stating that freedom lovers are “pro-militia” in the sense that those running for school boards are ready to take over the incumbents via armed warfare. And as far as the “anti-mask” statement goes, Patriots and those running for school boards believe in freedom of choice.

And furthermore? The school board incumbents who were voted in are evil Covid cash-loving manipulative child abusers.

Flathead Patriots are not the “extremist groups.” LLH is. Black Lives Matter is extreme. The legislative session this year has accomplished a session of freedom and sanity and promotes LIFE. 

But there’s more. Love Lives Here is twisted in their thinking when it comes to Constitutional Counties. (See below)

                         Love Lives Here in the Flathead Valley

“This pro-militia, anti-government 4-page propaganda piece went out in the Daily Inter Lake on Sunday to advertise an upcoming event. We have no idea how this happened, but when we talked to the ad manager today, it was clear that they understood this was a severe problem. Dangerous conspiracy theories like this can get normalized and amplified because people don’t know that the coded language is actually a gateway to extremism.”

Folks, please do the opposite of whatever LLH suggests. Please try to attend Sheriff Mack’s event, which will address Constitutional Counties this Saturday, June 26th, at the Red Lion Hotel in Kalispell. (See flyer below for details). 

Ultimately, Love Lives Here is a deviant and malicious group that trains and grooms children to live wicked, soul-destroying lifestyles. They bash God-loving patriots at every opportunity-undermining that which is good and true- and will destroy the moral fabric of a community in any fashion they can. 

Be aware and stand against this wickedness. 


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