WARNING: Far-Left Political Activist and CRT Advocate ‘Preaching’ in Flathead June 25-26


At one time, Beth Moore claimed to have been a Christian conservative. The aerobics-instructor-turned-Bible-teacher had a knack for pithy witticisms, personal anecdotes, and had a “mommy-blogger” vibe that many Christian women found endearing. Laced with just enough Scripture to sound compelling to undiscerning ears, the longtime lady preacher found credibility within every congregation she preached, resulting in her becoming one of the most popular and sought-after speakers.

Over the last 10 years, however, Moore has drifted, with the sharp left turn coming after Trump was elected. Gone was the sweet, saccharine lady of yesteryear who would share her sunny messages and silly misfortunes in order to bring the scriptures alive; enter the angry, exasperated, and long-suffering feminist who was routinely quoted in national magazines over her contempt for former President Trump and her own denomination’s support of him. Recently she has won the plaudits of the progressives for taking her partisan potshots, with people noticing that all her criticisms are only directed one way. A brief scan of what she’s been up to in just the last year shows exactly which direction they’re going.

She affirmed, promoted, and “honored” a pro-LGBT, pro-choice Anglican Priestess. She labeled her entire denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), as a racist organization, accusing them of not wanting black people in positions of power and excoriating them for voting Republican during the last election. She has advocated for women preaching and pastoring, despite knowing her denomination does not allow it. She claimed that white supremacy is “running rampant” in the church and has liked tweets dissuading believers from sharing the gospel at BLM protests, even as she took her own ministry to a Black Lives Matter march.

Speaking of that series of marches and activities that took place over the summer of 2020, Beth Moore gave a big thumbs up to someone saying that the protests were not a “mission field” and not to go if your intention was to “lead people in prayer,” to “share God’s love,” or to “witness to people.” Instead, she said to only go if the sole intent was “march to fight systemic racism and racial violence.” Perhaps that’s why she condemned people for arguing about Critical Race Theory, saying that doing so is a “testimony of how far we have shifted from Jesus.”

In short, she has been making major headlines every time she put another dagger into the back of her (now former) denomination, becoming known as the grandmother of woke evangelicalism, where liberals and progressives daily vie for her favor and acknowledgment.

Now she is coming to Montana.

She may mention Jesus a handful of times during her time “preaching” but it is a sure thing and an inevitability that she will be mixing in a lot of error and teachings tinged with Critical Race Theory and cultural Marxism.

In a post on social media, after telling the world that she was heading to Montana, Moore was messaged by her good friend and radical liberal professor Karen Swallow Prior, who warned her to “be careful in Montana.”

When asked for the reason of concern, Prior cryptically noted “If you know, you know (IYKYK).”

We absolutely know. Moore needs to be careful because there are many conservative Christians in Montana who know exactly who she is and what she’s become, and will not let her come into their state without at least raising a bit of ruckus about it and warning others about the theological threat she possesses.


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