As Expected, the Failing Daily Interlake Publishes Hit-Piece on Constitutional Sheriff Richard Mack


Much to the delight of those who cherish truth, numerous “fake-news” publications in Montana are failing, consolidating, or shutting down operations altogether, as in the case of the Great Falls Tribune shutting down their printing press after many years in operation.

Great Falls, Billings, Helena, and Bozeman are not the only towns in Montana which are plagued by a dying press, as Kalispell also has its own version of a fake and dying newspaper called Daily Inter Lake. At one time, when Frank Meile was at the helm, things were at least balanced at the DIL. Sadly, however, those days are gone.

Retired Sheriff and Founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, Richard Mack (in the Flathead Valley this weekend for a conference) is a much sought-after speaker and advocate of freedom who has never called for any unlawful action by the citizenry, is not anti-government, nor has he ever advocated violence. On the contrary, Mack believes in respecting a person’s liberty, law and order, and the principles outlined in the US Constitution.

Apparently, the description of Sheriff Mack outlined above was totally missed by an employee at the aforementioned Daily Inter Lake named Chad Sokol. Sokol, whose article was published the morning of Mack’s Red Lion conference, seems to be less concerned about facts and more about the author’s ability to weave lies and half-truths in an attempt to get hired by an even bigger fake news outlet before the Daily Inter Lake ship sinks to the bottom of Flathead Lake.

If you can take the time to search the original article and actually stomach its contents long enough to finish it to the end, it will be clear why you need to continue to turn away from fake news outlets like Daily Inter Lake and turn towards publications like Montana Daily Gazette and our companion list of banned news delivered to your mailbox for free called The Insurgency. You can subscribe to The Insurgency for free by Clicking Here.

Mack joined Jim White, the host of Montana Gazette Radio, recently to discuss the conference, the constitution, and how the American citizens can take this country back. You can see the full interview by clicking the video link below.


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  1. Reading your attack on the Daily InterLake has had an immediate effect — I’ve renewed my subscription! One wonders how and why such a blatant fake news source as the MDG exists. Pitching bogus crap to the uninformed and paranoid, I guess. It represents a business plan, not journalism.


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