Crisis on the Other Border: Censorship Comes to Canada as It Heads For Dictatorship

Photo: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

Those of you who have been reading my columns know that I come from a totalitarian country where y0u could bee jailed [sic] for speech that offended the powers that be. My late father, God rest his soul, brought the family to Canada to live and breathe free. We wanted to be able to speak our mind without being worried about being arrested or fined by our government.

For 39 years, we lived that way. Free men and women in one of the greatest, freest nations on earth.

But unfortunately, the current Prime Minister is an admirer of dictatorship, and wants to create one here.

Last week, Bill C-10 was passed, which allowed and called for social media censorship fo speech that was not “mainstream” in other word, leftist and woke.

This week, the government has proposed Bill C-36, which allows people to anonymously claim that you have made them “feel” unsafe, scared, attacked, and you have no due process to face your accuser. You will be forced to pay your secret accuser…

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Original article posted by Nicky Billou at Politicrossing. Title altered by Montana Daily Gazette.


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