Trump Sounds-Off at Latest Rally About Election Fraud HQ in Missoula, Montana


The US Corporation’s 45th President, Donald J. Trump, has once again taken his show on the road to rally support for a potential 2024 Presidential run. One doesn’t need to scan their memory too far back to remember the tremendous following garnered by Trump in the past as he held rallies across the country, with some supporters lining up over 40 hours in advance to see the Florida businessman.

Most recently, the Trump “rally-train” stopped in Wellington, OH and, as expected, the crowd size was overflowing and highly partisan towards MAGA. As Trump was lamenting about voter fraud during his speech, he made it a point to specifically reference Montana’s voter fraud headquarters, Missoula, although he didn’t say it by name. You can see the short video clip of Trump referencing Montana by clicking below.

Trump, who likely spoke without notes for the event, incorrectly characterized the Montana ballots as “missing,” when the factual word probably should have been fraudulent. Although Trump was cautious when it came to mentioning Missoula, Montana specifically, the staff at Montana Daily Gazette had no such compunction in doing the opposite for a couple of articles we published in the last 3 months.

From our first article about voter fraud in March:

Thanks to all-around conservative super-hero, Brad Tschida, Missoula County was pressed via legal wrangling to access the county’s ballots and review them for irregularities. The results were astounding, with 6.33% of all ballots lacking envelopes (which ensure their originality and that they indeed belong to a registered voter). Please note that it is illegal to count such ballots. Full Article can be accessed by Clicking Here.

Although Montana’s population is relatively insignificant compared to the coastal cities, news of the Missoula voter fraud made it to a national scale and was covered on Steve Bannon’s War Room, which has enjoyed over 40 million streams and is routinely one of the most popular podcasts in America. Click the link below to see Bannon’s guest, John Lott, comment on Montana’s elections.

As Usual, Montana’s dying, legacy press has failed to report on one of the most significant instances of voter fraud in Montana’s modern era. For that reason, and many others, we urge you to support Montana Daily Gazette and Montana Gazette Radio for truthful news and information, with coverage across the state.

It would seem that a few questions remain to be answered as Donald J. Trump hits the nationwide rally circuit. First, is Trump coming back to be President as a result of the 2020 election fraud being revealed to the country, or will Trump have to overcome the numerous pitfalls which will be placed in his way and try to make it as a candidate on the road to 2024? Lastly, is Trump just warming up the base for the main act from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis? We certainly wish we knew the answers to these questions and, in time, sure hope that we do.


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  1. I say again Missoula county needs a forensic audit. While it may be small nationally, it has national implications when we send tools like Tester to DC. With the left,the ends ALWAYS justify the means. They consider it their moral obligation to cheat for their version of the “greatest good”

  2. Montana Bureau of Investigation needs warrants to check patient rolls of Missoula Medicaid/Medicare Doctors about enrolling ballots of unsuspecting patients. Democratic Party doctors MORE THAN capable of stuffing ballot boxes, padding voter rolls, removal of valid opposition ballots, ENT.


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