Flathead Valley Patriots Secure Freedom Statewide for Albertsons and Safeway Employees


Ramona Schiele has been an employee of Albertsons in Kalispell for four years. She minded her own business, and things went well until Covid hit, that is. 

Schiele refused to wear the mask of shame. For almost 18 months, she has endured mocking and ridicule. But she stood her ground to victory. With the help of a co-worker and Flathead Valley Freedom Activist Thomas Millett, the brave employee helped to overturn the masking policies held by Albertsons and Safeway for all of their Montana employees.  

There are 9 Safeway stores and 29 Albertsons in Montana, and every employee will now have the freedom to go maskless and not be asked or intimidated concerning vaccine status. 

When Schiele was at the end of her rope a friend highlighted an extensive copy of House Bill 702 ( explaining Vaccine Discrimination) along with a copy of Montana State Privacy Law (within the Montana State Constitution). A co-worker then brought the paperwork to Schiele, who dropped the packet of materials off in her boss’s office. 

Schiele was asked to leave for three days as she refused to quit and told her boss he couldn’t fire her. She was sent home, as were two other employees. She and her boss went round and round concerning the masking issue for months on end, but she wasn’t about to quit. The taunted employee refused to give in. 

“This isn’t just about me; it’s about my kids and my grandkids, and someone needs to stand up to this,” she quipped. 



The Montana Constitution guarantees citizens both a right to know and a right to privacy. Article 2, Section 10 of the constitution states: “The right of individual privacy is essential to the well-being of a free society and shall not be infringed without the showing of a compelling state interest.”

That’s when Flathead resident Millett became involved. A strong patriot and man of conviction and tenacity, Millett took the reigns. “Most people just truly need to be educated when it comes to the law; they simply don’t know.”  

On Monday, June 14th, Millett called Schiele’s boss, “Scott,” the head manager of the local Kalispell Albertsons. Scott (who didn’t want to talk to him) then referred Millett to “Steve,” the HR Director in Missoula. Millett called multiple times and then stated over the phone as there was no answer, “You’re breaking Montana law.” Millett then scouted out the Regional Director of Western Montana (who presides over all the Albertsons and Safeways in that area), who finally agreed that “Yes, it was against the law and wasn’t right.” Next, Millett called the Corporate Office in Boise, Idaho, who refused to talk to him. 

Then some significant changes came. By Thursday, Millett was informed via Schiele that they had changed the policy! No more masks! 

No description available.

And on Monday, June 21st, Millett received a call from the Corporate Legal Department of Albertsons and Safeway in California. The Freedom Activist stated that the woman was extremely nice and had informed him that the policy had been changed and “was there anything else she could do for him?” 

 “Yes, as a matter of fact, there is,” Millett replied. “There is another sign that is still up at the Albertsons in Kalispell that is discriminatory and against Montana State Law.” The Lawyer then remarked, “We will take care of that.” 

Millett then spoke with Schiele a half-hour later (who was at the store in Kalispell and back to work at this time UNMASKED). Schiele replied, “Yes, it’s gone; they took it down.” They had won. And on top of that, the three employees counting Schiele, who was made to leave for three days, will receive full compensatory pay for those days they missed off of work. 

No description available.

Moral of the story? Know your rights and understand at least the basics about freedom and discrimination laws within your state. Because these Patriots worked hard and didn’t back down and knew their facts, a great victory took place recently in Montana. So hundreds of employees statewide are now free. 

Other employees from other corporations are asking for guidance on how to ditch the mask and avoid the hassles of being forced against their wills to do what is against Montana State Law. The links and information within this article is all they need to secure that victory. Knowledge is power.

Some corporations statewide are still trying to make employees wear masks if they aren’t “vaccinated.” However, recently, Governor Greg Gianforte stepped in and made Costco drop the masking for Costco employees who are not “vaccinated.” 

It’s the law; they HAVE to drop it. 

Know your rights. Get involved. Be the change. 



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  1. Natural Grocer in Helena had a sign stating the mask mandate was from the government. The public health office was elected by exactly nobody. End the blasted tyranny.

  2. Very disturbing article. Read it with great interest as I am a former employee of Albertsons in Hamilton, Montana. On August 2nd of 2021, I was informed that all employees would be required to once again wear a mask by the following day. I complained and got nowhere with it so I submitted my resignation rather than wear the mask again. How is it that Albertsons in June can say yes state law in Montana states we can’t require you to wear a mask and then less than a month and a 1/2 later we’re being told it is mandatory for us to wear masks once again. And why was this decision in June not broadcast to all employees in the state of Montana by Albertsons since this policy was found to be a violation of Montana’s state law.


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