Nevada Leads the Way on Constitutional Counties. Is Montana’s Flathead County Next?


One of the brighter spots to come out of the recent national decline and financial calamity is the rise in patriotism and the desire to know more about the US Constitution. For example, it seems like the topics that got people labeled as “conspiracy theorists” in the past are now common in daily conversation.

Speaking of the US Constitution, groups that have been educating citizens for decades, like John Birch Society, seem almost prescient as they were way ahead on predicting the many calamities that are now coming to pass. The good news is that the power still lies with the people and the people’s vehicle to defeat tyranny lies within their county.

Montana citizen Kirk MacKenzie has been in the fight against oppressive government overreach for many decades. His flagship national movement and companion website, Defend Rural America (DRA), has been a leader in bringing focus on the many instances of government tyranny and oppression that occur not only out West but across the country.

Using his success with DRA as a springboard, MacKenzie developed a blueprint (Found Here) that is basically an instruction manual on how an individual county can declare themselves a “Constitutional County,” which guards each citizen of the county’s individual rights against state and federal acts that violate the US Constitution.

The idea of a Constitutional County is not a “pie in the sky” fantasy, as 2 counties in Nevada have already made declarations stating that they will abide by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution above all other laws or statutes. Essentially, they are now both Constitutional Counties.

Even though citizens across Montana are waking up to the con-game being played on the populace, there are still plenty of rabid ideologues who have formed up into groups and who do everything within their ability to handicap the march towards liberty. One such group of liberal bomb-throwers is called “Love Lives Here,” whose handiwork can be seen below.

MacKenzie joined Jim White on Montana Gazette Radio recently to lay out his plan for the counties and to discuss his upcoming workshop. You can see the full interview by clicking below.


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