Benefis Health Professionals Who Don’t Want COVID Vaccine Given Deadline to Comply OR ELSE


The latest focal point in the battle to keep a citizen’s body free of experimental drugs or other harmful chemicals is centered around Benefis Health Systems and their employee vaccination mandate, which some have asserted violates HB 702, a bill introduced by Representative Jennifer Carlson (HD 69) and signed into law by Montana Governor Greg Gianforte earlier this year. Whether it does or does not violate Montana Law will be opined upon later in the Gazette this week.

However, the Benefis VP of Human Resources, Casey Buckingham, is ready to fire employees July 1 for not taking the jab In the e-mail, Buckingham stated the following:

First, HB 702 specifically states that a health care facility does not unlawfully discriminate when it asks an employee to volunteer the employee’s vaccination or immunization status to protect the safety and health of employees, patients, visitors, and other persons from communicable diseases; and that the health care facility can consider an employee to be nonvaccinated if the employee declines to provide the employee’s vaccination or immunization status to the health care facility.  Thus, it is important you recognize health care facilities are not treated the same as all employers. Casey Buckingham – VP, Benefis Human Resources

Employees who wish to remain free of experimental chemicals injected into their bodies might find themselves in the unemployment line as Buckingham ends his e-mail to employees with the following statement:

At this time, if you want to continue working at senior services, as of July 1 you must be vaccinated, or you must have a deferral.  In order to obtain a religious deferral, please submit your deferral request identifying what sincerely held religious belief you have within a week of this email.

Essentially, Benefis has ordered their hard-working frontline employees to become test subjects of an Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) experimental drug for a health ‘crisis’ that is now over. Not only are Montana’s hospitals not overwhelmed, they never were throughout the entire pandemic. Despite dire predictions from hospital representatives and unelected health officers (many of whom don’t have medical degrees), Montana survived COVID-19 without so much as a hiccup in our hospitals and care facilities (not counting the panic, anxiety, and fear that has affected employee morale worse than anything).

Benefis has, however, allowed a “religious exemption” for the COVID-19 vaccine. Should employees like to take advantage of this exemption and are professing Christians, they may request a free consultation with Pastor Jordan Hall, an ordained Montana pastor with credentialing and degrees from a mainstream evangelical denominational institution, who will offer suggestions to employees to make the religious argument that the Bible warns with great caution against injecting oneself with potential toxins and will show you how the Bible asserts a God-given right to bodily autonomy, as taken from the pages of Holy Scripture. You may request a free consultation on explaining this religious exemption, as well as receive a written statement from Pastor Hall rejecting the Benefis requirement as unscriptural by emailing and arranging a time to meet with him over the phone.

When asked why he was providing the advice to Benefis employees, Pastor Hall stated, “We don’t have merely the freedom to worship in the United States, which might be confined to a particular time or place. We have freedom of religion, and that faith is lived out 24-7. The Bible doesn’t forbid western medicine, genuine medical care, or legitimate science and – in fact – the scientific method was originally founded, grounded, and promoted by theists and Christians. Praise God for health professionals. However, the Bible very clearly lays out in its wisdom literature the importance of using cost-benefit analysis as a means of making sound judgments, and the COVID-19 doesn’t pass the muster. Being legitimately treated for a health problem is good and godly, but signing up to be a test subject for experimental drugs is not Biblical wisdom. Furthermore, the idea that a government or an employer has the right to coerce another human being and assert dominance over their physical body is very clearly forbidden in Biblical law in many, many passages. It’s simply not something that can be imposed upon Benefis employees without violating Christian beliefs.”

The draconian stance that Benefis has taken, despite the widespread protest of the health professions who work for the health system, shows a blatant disregard and disrespect of Montana’s frontline healthcare workers. This is ultimately the story of a massive corporation siding with Big Pharma to push mandatory drugs upon health care professionals who do not think the drugs are wise or personally beneficial. If anyone knows what is or is not good for their own health, one would think that it would be the healthcare profressionals themselves. Instead, Benefis has chosen to ignore them and, if necessary, fire them.

The contempt of Benefis toward their employees was reflected in a recent survey, a portion of which is published below, with an astounding 117 out of 118 employees who responded “yes” when asked if they have been personally stressed by the oppressive mandate violating their bodily autonomy and professional health decisions.

You can see the entire survey results by clicking here.


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  1. I find it interesting the VP of HR at Benefis only quoted part of the bill. They left out that they must make reasonable accommodations for unvaccinated people. Apparently their idea of reasonable accommodations are none at all. Maybe they are injecting their patients without consent too….it would not surprise me. Sounds like an excellent case for the employees to sue the hospital and their administrators, and establish Nuremberg trials.

  2. Thanks to the Governors tweeking of B702 we have this battle going on. If one reads the bill they will see ((( A health care facility may consider an employee to be nonvaccinated or nonimmune if the employee declines to provide the employee’s vaccination or immunization status to the health care facility for purposes of determining whether reasonable accommodation measures should be implemented.))) And since that is in there.. it seems they can choose NOT to make reasonable accommodations.. Benefis, IMO is just another evil center for sickness management that makes millions of peoples suffering and death. I am sure they continue to get covid $$$ thus, they will continue this charade as long as they can.


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