Developing: MDG Receives Tip About Federally Funded Anti-Militia Training for Flathead County Sheriff’s Office and KPD


A source with close ties inside the Flathead County Sheriff’s office has informed the staff at the Montana Daily Gazette (MDG) that the Flathead County Sheriff has accepted an offer from the federal government to train all Sheriff deputies in the methods needed to address the threat from “anti-government” and militia groups in Flathead Valley. Additionally, it was also reported that the Kalispell Police Department accepted an offer from the feds for similar training.

A reporter from the MDG news team was able to reach Flathead County Sheriff Brian Heino, who categorically denied any plan or knowledge of federal training being conducted in Flathead County and even offered to open up the schedule to prove the authenticity of his claims. Heino also stated that most of the training has been suspended for the summer because of staffing concerns, except for 2 local training exercises.

Many Montana citizens have concerns about a corrupt federal government and its involvement in their lives. Those concerns were validated a few short months ago when federal agents raided the house of a Marion man in March of this year. MDG was the only news outlet, that we know of, that covered the Marion raid. You can read MDG’s coverage of the raid by clicking Here, Here, and Here.

MDG wants to make it known that members of the MDG news staff have worked with Sheriff Heino in the past to verify the authenticity of tips and to vet information from inside sources. Our staff has never known Heino to be anything but forthright and truthful, and there is no reason to believe that he is not doing so in this case, as well.

The Staff at MGD reached out to Kalispell Police Chief Doug Overman for comment on the claims, but Chief Overman was not able to return the reporter’s call before this article went to press.


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  1. In order to get rid of the militia, you first to amend the Montana Constitution.Article Six, section `13, paragraph i and 2 , One, The Governor is commander- in- chief of the militia. Two, The militia shall consist of all able-bodied citizens of the state.


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