Dave Rubin: Justin Trudeau Is ‘Absolutely Ridiculous Clown of a Prime Minister’

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But it might be that you guys are actually sort of the sun is setting on what a truly free Canada looks like. That’s what it seems like to me…

Dave Rubin, Host of the Rubin Report

In a recent episode of Cancel This with Angelo Isidorou, guest Dave Rubin slammed Justin Trudeau for being an “absolutely ridiculous clown of a Prime Minister.”

“But it might be that you guys are actually sort of the sun is setting on what a truly free Canada looks like. That’s what it seems like to me,” Rubin, host of the Rubin Report, pointed out.

He goes on to call Trudeau’s pandering the “worst sort of virtue signaling.”

“I mean, he is, he is sort of the worst of what these people are. He is just a fake, do nothing but he looks right and he wears fancy socks, but the worst sort of virtue signaling, progressive, big government, buffoon who wouldn’t know how to stand up for his country if his life depended on it,” said Rubin.

“And he’s more than happy to use, you know, the levers of power to silence his own people,” he continued.

Commenting on the controversial internet censorship bill C-10, which recently passed in the House, he called the law “deeply dangerous.”ADVERTISEMENT

“And the idea that you or Jordan Peterson, or Gad Saad, or anyone else that we’ve mentioned here would be treated under the law the same way as an outfit of journalism, you know, just someone who talks for a living gives their opinion for a living,” said Rubin.

“It’s so deeply dangerous. This is the stuff we expect out of regimes in the Middle East, not out of, you know, Western nations.”

In connection to Bill C-10, which would affect broadcasting in Canada, Isidorou pointed out that the government funded CBC is slandering leaders fighting for the privatization of their corporation.ADVERTISEMENT

“We have the CBC, which is the main broadcaster in Canada, that’s funded by the government. So that’s another thing for you Americans, that must seem bizarre in the sense that I pay my taxes, my taxes fund a media corporation that…”

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Original article posted by Hannah Nightingale at the Post Millennial. Title altered by Montana Daily Gazette.


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