Missoula Child Vaccinated Secretly Against Parents Wishes and Now Seriously Ill


Her father said she could not be vaccinated. They did it anyway. Now she’s seriously ill.

[Editor’s Note: This article contains explicit language, which we believe is necessary to accurately quote our sources]. A total of 41 states require parental consent for vaccinations of minors. One state, Nebraska, even requires parental consent for 19-year-olds. The other states allow minors to be jabbed without parental consent at varying ages, such as 16 (RI and SC), 15 (OR), 14 (AL) or use the “maturity doctrine,” leaving it up to medical providers to determine whether or not the child has the mental capacity to make their own medical decisions (source link to see for yourselves).

Make sure to watch the video interview with the victim’s father at the bottom of this article

Montana is one of the 41 states that require parental consent to vaccinate children. The Montana Department of Health and Human Services has provided a pdf of the parental consent form, in keeping with Montana Law (see below and click here for the link). Although the form (below) is used for child care facilities, it is the same form used in COVID-19 clinics around the state by local health departments (or a close variant thereof). Note that there must be a signature of a parent or guardian.

The law requiring parental notification for such vaccines or other medical procedures is found in Montana Law Code 41-1-402 (click here for link or see below).

Note: You may have to click this graphic on your mobile device to enlarge, or click the link to see the document and the original source above).

There are exceptions to parental consent under 41-1-402. These included emancipated minors, those who have been married, have a child or have graduated high school, separated from their parents and is self-supported, one who is pregnant or suffers sexually transmitted diseases (this was left there by Democrats who wanted minors to get abortions without parental notification), or emergency care such as “transfusions.” In the latter case, emergency care (like a car accident or mass shooting), parents must be “informed as soon as practical.” This law, and its various versions, has been present in Montana since 1969.


Montana Daily Gazette has conducted extensive interviews with a father whose daughter (16) received the COVID-19 vaccine to prevent her from getting the mild Chinese chest cold known colloquially as “COVID-19” (children her age are practically immune to symptoms of the illness). The child received the vaccine from the Missoula County Health Department after having been made terrified by the Missoula Public School System, which is in a campaign of psychological fear warfare and bribery (offering material incentives like Amazon gift cards for being jabbed) reluctantly went without her father or mother to be vaccinated against their wishes. She now regrets it, as she’s fallen seriously ill.

Taking her to the vaccine clinic was not her parents or guardians, but an extended family member, with whom she neither lives nor is particularly close to the family. Being “pro-vax,” he was happy to undermine the parent’s wishes and arrange for her transport to and from the clinic, twice. Given the school’s shaming of students who have not been vaccinated and the constant barrage of propaganda delivered to the students via educators and littering the school hallways and signage, the minor acted against the wishes of her parents.

But to be clear: The extended and estranged family member, with whom the child does not live and is not in any way supported financially, took the minor child to be vaccinated, and the Missoula County Health Department appears to have known directly from the girl’s father that she was not to be vaccinated.

The father’s reasons for avoiding the vaccine aren’t terribly important because a parent doesn’t need to give excuses for exercising the parental rights given them by God and recognized by Montana law. But it will suffice to say that the father had well-researched doubts as to the vaccine’s efficacy, concerns that it was only authorized by the CDC under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and did not go through the regular testing to ensure the vaccine was safe. Given that minors in good health almost never feel the symptoms of COVID-19, let alone succumb to it (it is practically unheard of among that age bracket), it was simply not a decision the girl’s father and legal guardian chose to make for her. He, and the girls’ mother, are the only two people on the planet whose opinions on the subject legally matter.

The vaccine was given at “Lucky’s” store. The young woman attends the Big Sky High School in Missoula. There, she was told by Principal Jennifer Courtney and Superintendent Rob Watson that “good people get vaccinated” and “if you don’t vaccinate yourself, people will die.” Most disturbingly, she was told, “Get the vaccine, by whatever means necessary.”

On June 9th, the minor child’s father, Jesse King, discovered through their family doctor’s records that his daughter had received the two Pfizer vaccines which were given to her illegally on April 5th and April 26th. Her family medical records clearly stated that under no circumstances was she to receive the vaccine (we have boldened and underlined this for iteration).

King found his daughter’s vaccination card and called the Missoula County Health Department, where he spoke with Steve Robertson, the “Liason Officer Incident Commander” (what a term for a Liliputian Bureaucrat Teapot Tyrant). King revealed his daughter had been vaccinated against his explicit prohibition to which the Commander told King to email him and put it in writing, which King did.

The next day (June 11th), “Incident Commander” Robertson’s entire demeanor changed. After King called Robertson, he refused to give him any information and to “expect a call from Anna Conley” (Anna Conley is a Senior Civil Deputy in the Missoula County Attorney’s Office in Missoula.) Immediately, it sounded like a threat, and King asked if it was a threat. He was told, to the best of his memory, “Read between the lines.”

Conley, the senior deputy attorney then called King and asked if he had received an email from her, to which he answered in the affirmative but responded, “…I won’t open it without legal representation.” Conley continually contacted him despite asking her to stop (a violation Montana Code 45-8-213) and continued to demand his attention. But King had committed no crime; the Missoula County Health Department committed the crime, and now their county attorney is harassing the victim.

King called his family Doctor (Dr. Stritski) on June 22nd and requested a referral to a cardiologist on his daughter’s behalf. The 16-year-old came down with migraines, body aches and now is exhibiting constant dizzy spells and wavy black spots within her field of vision. None of these ailments occurred before receiving the Pfizer injections.

According to King, Dr. Stritski stated ironically, “The Vaccine is 100 percent safe, I promise you that. And I was one of the first to get it. But who knows? We might all die of fucking cancer from the vaccine in 6 months.”

It’s been nine days, and there is still no referral from Stritski for a cardiologist to see King’s daughter. Because the father believes the symptoms could be related to the vaccine, it seems that Dr. Stritski has refused to further treat or refer the child for treatment by others.

As of today, the minor child (whose name has been withheld at our editorial request, not hers) regrets being pressured into vaccination by the Big Sky High School, her extended and estranged family member, and by publicly placed propaganda. She remains seriously ill, and her family physician is refusing to refer her to a cardiologist to determine the source of her ailments.

Numerous laws were broken in this account, but not by Jesse King or his daughter. Those state laws were broken by the Missoula County Health Department and the Missoula County Senior Civil Deputy. The physician has seemingly violated numerous codes of physician conduct related to discrimination against patients based upon their personal beliefs, as well as the Hippocratic oath in refusing to give her treatment for what is very likely the adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccine. In this situation, it’s no wonder that such side-effects go under-reported in the medical community.

Montana Daily Gazette would humbly recommend to Attorney General Austin Knudsen to use one of his deputy attorneys to look into this matter and to determine if charges should be brought for explicitly violating Montana law by the Missoula County Health Department, as well as the response of the Missoula County Attorney’s Office.

[Editor’s Note: This article was contributed by Brenda Roskos and Jordan Hall]


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    • This sounds incredibly misinformed. Mildest Chinese chest cold that has caused over 600,000 deaths? No quotes from the daughter who is allegedly affected by this? Threatened by medical professionals? The daughter decided to reach out to the “estranged family member” to get the shot? Either they weren’t that estranged, or the whole truth isn’t being told.

      It sounds like a father who had a temper tantrum but couldn’t lash out or people would tell him he’s in the wrong.

  1. The arrogance of the left will be their undoing. From the school personnel to the pathetic DA office. What a disgrace. There is a major backlash coming.

  2. This is why I am trying to keep my daughters as healthy as possible…eating healthier, exercising more, sleeping better. I don’t want to have to take them to any doctor. My mom passed away in Oct, not from the “cancer” they said she had (which I firmly believed she was misdiagnosed), but from the opioids they provided my father for 10 months who, subsequently, was overdosing her. She was sleeping all the time and they told me it was from the cancer. It wasn’t until it was too late (bc I lived in the opposite coast) that I discovered her prescriptions. She was sleeping 20 hrs and a day and barely eating or not eating well. They starved her to death. My father was not mentally equipped to be a caregiver. But state law does not allow me, the daughter, to intervene in her care. It’s all bullshit!

    We need to start bringing the medical community to justice on multiple levels! I have two daughters and, over my dead body, will they receive this toxic vaccine. They, too, are getting pressure from fellow students and propaganda. This is definitely not the fault of this 16yo. It is the fault of the state. I pray they find resolution and care for proper care for her from the point forward.

  3. This all started to “soft”. Initially people employed with the State of MN were required to submit the 4 questionnaire to HR everyday stating they had no temp, not exposed to any COVID patient, did not recently travel etc. Attempting to abstain was futile and administration was indifferent to the concerns and “what is the harm”, but it was the beginning of the slippery slope to the tyranny we are seeing now. My administrator had their legal council email stating that if I did not submit the form that I would be considered unfit for work. Really? We didn’t speak then, and now we are where we are.

  4. […] Additional recommendations were shared with the Hellgate School Board in their agenda packet including guidance from the Missoula City-County Health Department. The health department is currently in hot water after they and Missoula County Public Schools allegedly coerced one student at Big Sky High School to take the experimental COVID-19 injection without parental consent, according to a report from the Montana Daily Gazette. […]


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