Montana’s “Mainstream Media” Chose Not to Cover Major Conservative Rallies Rolling Through Big Sky Country


Had they been Black Lives Matter rallies, attended by a dozen privileged white girls skipping their gender studies class to commemorate the life of George Floyd, Montana’s newspapers and television stations would have been there in mass, snapping pictures from the most flattering perspectives and writing sky-pie stories about the incredible turn-out. In fact, they did that each and every time a motley crew of race-fixated liberals lifted their Marxist-fists to ‘fight-the-power’ last summer. And yet, the mainstream media and legacy press was altogether absent from a massive tour through four Montana towns last week who were there to discuss their theme of “faith, family, and freedom,” a message that seems to not resonate as well with the Missoulian, the Great Falls Tribune, and the Billings Gazette, all of whom serve as press outlets for towns the ‘Arise USA‘ tour made its way through in the Big Sky State.

The Missoulian wrote an article about #BLM activists “filling” downtown Missoula (with their electric bikes, uber rides, or after moms dropped them off). The Billings Gazette wrote an article about a “crowd” (they used the term generously) of #BLM activists gathering during COVID-19 restrictions last summer (they portrayed it as a huge crowd). The Great Falls Tribune ran a story about “two-hundred activists” protesting in the memory of George Floyd last summer as well (they rounded up by about 100 people, according to the photographs).

As you can see from the photos above, all from Montana, these events pale by comparison to those held by Montana patriots over the last week. Yet, the legacy press was nowhere to be found.

But there they were at the #BLM protests, with legacy press cameras in tow, to cover the multiple crowd-waning hissy fits of a few disgruntled people who found some bizarre, ill-defined connection between a violent criminal who died of a drug overdose in Minneapolis and police in Montana, who they impugned with somehow taking part in the systemic racism of a fentanyl reaction.

However, beginning in Missoula, the Arise USA Tour made four stops in Montana with six tour buses, multiple semi-trucks, world-renown speakers, singers, and athletes, and throngs of local supporters without sending a single, solitary reporter to cover the events. Thankfully, Montana Daily Gazette – the state’s #1 online news outlet – was there to cover the event in person because the legacy press isn’t doing their job (and as Lee Enterprises is going bankrupt and was kicked off the New York Stock Exchange for losing billions, Adams Publishing is economically reeling, the Billings Gazette having laid off half their staff, the state’s newspapers turning off their local presses to publish “local news” from a centralized location, and the Great Falls Tribune putting their headquarters up for sale, we suppose it’s hard to blame them for not reporting the news). To be fair, they’ve never seemed that interesting in reporting the real news begin with.

Last week, the Montana Daily Gazette (MDG) published an article correcting a woefully untrue headline from the Daily Inter-Lake publication, calling Sheriff Richard Mack “anti-government.” His attendance in Kalispell was not a part of the Arise USA Tour, but that seems to have been the legacy press’s only abysmal attempt to show up, let alone report, on what real Montanans took a break from their ranching, farming, and businesses responsibilities to report. We corrected the headline (left).

It will be hard for Montana’s liberal media to paint the events as anti-government (not that they won’t try, bless their hearts), considering that events included democratically-elected Montana government officials, including Rep. Lola Sheldon Galloway and Rep. Theresa Manzella.

But why not cover these epic events? The photographs alone show the millions of dollars it took to pull off such a tour across the United States, which intentionally stopped in small-town Montana to emphasize the power of rural America (scroll through the slide-show below).

Montana Gazette Publisher, Jordan Hall, spoke repeatedly about the absence of the Fake Media from the event and lambasted them for working for out-of-state conglomerates who do not care about Montana and have no respect for our values. Watch a montage of his lambasting of the legacy press below.

Speaking on the tour across the country include former CIA spy and patriot, Robert David Steele, constitutional sheriff, Richard Mack, musical artists Karen Staley and Brynn Marie, All America’s Champion professional boxer, Josh Himes, and Urban Global Health Initiative founder, Kevin Jenkins.

But, as stated previously, some Montana legislators also took part. Although not all present, like Rep. Brad Tschida and former Senator Ed Butcher spoke, some did. Below is a video of Theresa Manzella speaking in Missoula.

And in a particularly poignant and emotional plea to be involved in civic government, Lola Sheldon Galloway won the crowd in Loma, a town which her ancestors helped to settle.

The conference was explicitly a non-partisan event. Each speaker heralded the importance of “Faith, Family, and Freedom.” Most speakers emphasized the problems of America will not be solved by politics, but by all of us coming together.

The tour’s last stop in Montana came to Lame Deer, home of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe. The only main speakers were Chief Whitehall, his wife, and a female tribal council member who all spoke on the importance of unity as fellow human beings. Out of respect, and to demonstrate that the tour was as interested in being heard rather than just talking, the event listened kindly and patiently to the thoughts provided by Chief Whitehall (seen below).

Ending Montana’s Arise USA tour with the Northern Cheyenne was apropos. The answer to our problems is listening to one another. This isn’t, as the conference speakers repeatedly pointed out, about half of America against the other half. It’s about the 99% against the 1% that desire to control our lives and take away our liberties.

It’s too bad Montana’s liberal media didn’t show up to take their photographs and write their stories. Perhaps they already wrote their headlines without showing up to get the story. Meanwhile, Montana Daily Gazette was there to tell the truth, and we are Montana-owned and operated by Montanans and for Montanans. Thanks for your support.

Meanwhile, if you would like to catch the tour as it continues throughout the country, you can find their schedule here.


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