Democrats and Liberals ‘Booed’ At Kalispell Independence Day Parade


It appears that you can’t spend an entire election cycle demonizing freedom-lovers, enforcing home arrests, making up masking mandates, supporting coerced vaccinations, and stealing elections and expect to be cheered at an Independence Day Rally in the Flathead Valley. At least, that’s what Democrats discovered when they thought it wise to join the July 4 celebration in Kalispell, Montana.

Every year in Kalispell, a 4th of July Parade takes place. This year it was sponsored by “Kalispell Kruise,” a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Veterans in Flathead County and other groups in need. As you can imagine, a parade sponsored by those who do veteran care will have an audience that leans slightly right. And by slightly right, we mean very, very right.

A marvelous time was had by all as the masses came out to pack Main Street and enjoy the floats and festivities. The lovely Ronalee Skees (wife of House Rep. Derek Skees) did a fabulous job emceeing the event with grace and style.

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Ronalee Skees

Perhaps most notable was the Patriotic and conservative flair of the affair. Kalispell is known for its strong bent toward freedom and Constitutional matters, and it was most evident on America’s 245th birthday.

Dr. Al Olszewski (running for U.S. House Representative) took the time to promote freedom and was applauded by many. Montana Daily Gazette endorses Dr. Al as he runs for office. Olszeweski, a proven conservative, seems to be the favorite among non-establishment Republicans against his opponent, Ryan Zinke, who many Montana voters don’t consider his time in Washington to be an advantage of any kind. The reception that Olszeweski received from the crowd was warm and welcoming (below).

Patriots showed up in mass, and maybe some who don’t identify as patriots, per se, but who are proud of America and the nation’s accomplishments what it has stood for since that first Independence Day in 1776.

Retired Deputy Sheriff, Dave Swaim, had an excellent and Constitutionally decked-out pickup truck honoring the police force and sheriff’s “Oath to the Constitution.” The phrases, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death,” coupled with “Faith Over Fear,” was displayed on Swaim’s vehicle proudly. Many parade-goers were grateful and appreciative for such honor in their town.

Meanwhile, pro-life advocate and freedom activist, Dr. Annie Bukachek, was riding in the truck and displaying her respect and honor to our Police Force and Sheriff as well.

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Rod Kuntz is running for City Council Ward 3, and many Kalispell residents are hoping for his re-election and endorse him as well. Rod is a firm believer in Christ, a grandfather and homeschool dad with solid convictions to help keep Flathead County conservative and free while representing the traditional family unit. There are many liberal-minded folks running for Council, but Rod is a true conservative freedom fighter.

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Senator Steve Daines had a visually appealing float pulled by the iconic “John Deere Tractor,” representing the American Farmer and Liberty.

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The crowd cheered wildly as many Liberty-minded floats passed by; (and especially those of the Republican Party and those displaying Trump signs) however, a dark hush was exhibited by the spectators (followed by a few boo’s) showing disdain for the Democratic Party, who was followed by the “Gay Pride” Flag. Cherilyn Devries (head spokesperson representing the local group “Love Lives Here”) was present but not cheered for.

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Wrong flag, dummies.

The boos to the liberals were palpable. The Fourth of July, in the Flathead Valley, might be a time for liberals to stay in doors. In conclusion, the general consensus was a rousing display of Conservative values displayed among bright and captivating floats representing freedom and liberty for all in Flathead County!

Let Freedom Ring!


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