Commissioner Pinocci Statement on Trump Lawsuit


Elected official who started the national discussion on regulatory oversight celebrates lawsuit


“President Trump’s class-action lawsuit is a big first step in restoring the First Amendment Rights of all Americans and I fully support him.

“Since President Trump was unconstitutionally removed from social media by Big Tech, I promised Montanans and the Trump Administration I would take up this fight in the Montana legislature. When I went public and suggested the Montana Public Service Commission should regulate social media as a public utility, I began to receive phone calls from across the nation – asking how we might make this law. Eventually, in April 2021, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas went public with his support of the concept I introduced to the nation.

“Last year I reached out to Rep. Brad Tschida (R-Missoula) to discuss precedent-setting legislation for our 2021 legislative session. Tschida and I sought input from legislators across the state to make this a solid bill that protected the Constitutional Rights of Montanans. Eighteen House Republicans joined with Democrats to kill House Bill 573 by a 49-50 vote.

“In the 2020 Montana Primary Election, there was a massacre of incumbent Republicans who violated their oath of office to uphold the Constitution. Other Republicans across the nation who have opposed President Trump have also done so at their peril. As censorship and cancel culture has moved us closer toward the Chinese, Russian, North Korean, and Middle Eastern approach toward censorship – these eighteen have some serious questions to answer in 2022 and we will not let voters forget about this vote.”

Below is the List of the Eighteen House Republicans who supported Big Tech over the 1st Amendment

David Bedey*Ed Buttrey*Geraldine Custer

Julie Dooling*Ross Fitzgerald*Gregory Frazer

Frank Garner*Sharon Greef*Kenneth Holmlund    

Llew Jones*Casey Knudsen*Denley Loge

Wendy McKamey*Brian Putnam*Mallerie Stromswold

Kenneth Walsh*Tom Welch*Kathy Whitman


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