Polson Trailer Park Overwhelms Neighborhood with SWAT Presence, Take Subject Into Custody


At 6:30 on July 7th, a terrified woman called into the dispatch in Polson, Montana. She revealed to 911 dispatch that a man named Edward Hardy was armed and had allegedly shot numerous rounds of ammunition inside the trailer. As the call was made to police, Hardy began barricading the doors and windows. S

After arising on scene and with much coaxing by an officer, Hardy released her to medical personnel to check her for wounds or injuries. While no doubt a serious matter, the police force’s presence (along with other agencies ) in Polson was overwhelming (to say the slightest).

Police response included the Northwest Montanan Regional SWAT Team, Kalispell Special Response Team (KSPRT), CSKT Police, LCSO, Montana Highway Patrol, Polson Ambulance, Polson Fire, and the Lake County Dispatch Center were all involved.

No description available.
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The suspect was hardly cooperative with law enforcement, who seemed to have the capacity, numbers, and equipment to storm the home at any time.

Hardy began setting debris on fire and throwing it out the window of the trailer. The Northwest Montana Regional SWAT Team and Kalispell Special Response Team came down to assist with the situation.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Montana Highway Patrol, and the Flathead Tribal Police all responded to assist with the scene and public safety concerns throughout the trailer court.

Just as the SWAT Team was about to make contact with flashbangs and a door-breach, Hardy came outside by crawling through a window and tried to escape by getting into his vehicle. Hardy was taken into custody after being tased by a much better-armed officer (the officer should be commended for his restraint).

A search of Hardy’s residence revealed firearms, a cache of ammo, and numerous other weapons strategically placed throughout the trailer (none of which are crimes per se, and sounds like a normal Montana residence). His alleged behavior during the event, of course, was criminal if accounts are true.

Hardy was arrested for aggravated assault with a weapon with further charges pending the conclusion of the ongoing investigation

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