Dr. Al Olszewski Responds to Trump Endorsement of Zinke


This endorsement in no way changes the way I feel about President Trump and all he accomplished during his time in office. This move comes as no surprise as Don, Jr. is a personal friend to – and hunts with – several DC politicians out here in Montana. We appreciate the Trump family’s love of Montana, but not every elected official from our state has a voting record like Matt Rosendale, who consistently supports conservative Montana Values.

In 2016, President Trump was living proof that voters do not anoint candidates, they elect them. Ryan Zinke is Montana’s Mitt Romney and this clearly shows he needs all the help he can get. No matter how hard and fast he runs, Ryan’s appalling voting record is always right behind him.

President Trump may know Ryan personally, but we will remind voters that Zinke is no Trump Conservative. Before becoming a card-carrying member of the DC Swamp and being forced to resign from office amid a very public corruption scandal, Ryan took a radical position on gun control and earned an F-rating as a state legislator for voting with democrats more than any other Republican. He has also received a shameful lifetime D-rating from the American Conservative Union.

I have always put principle before politics – and this race is no different. In my first week as a candidate, I quickly surpassed my six-figure fundraising goal and tens of thousands of dollars have poured in since the Trump endorsement. After speaking with many of my donors and conservative supporters, they have doubled down on their support of my campaign. Montana conservatives know that as a member of Congress, I will join Matt Rosendale as a member of the House Freedom Caucus.

In 2020, Trump conservative Madison Cawthorn won his primary with 66% of the vote despite his opponent being endorsed by Trump. That same year, Bob Good won his primary with 58% – unseating an incumbent Republican congressman who had also been endorsed by Trump. After their landslide primary victories, the president went on to give strong endorsements of both. I look forward to President Trump’s endorsement in the General Election for Montana’s new congressional district. Once elected, I will be part of the new conservative House majority which will restore Trump’s work which was undone by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. – Dr. Al Olszewski


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