Disabled Child Abducted/ Retrieved at Event Kalispell, Montana


One would hope that a sunny afternoon in Kalispell, Montana, enjoying ice cream on the Conrad Mansion lawn would be a safe place to relax, but apparently, that isn’t the case anymore.

Montana Daily Gazette staff went to the Ice Cream Social following the most excellent downtown Independence Day Parade on Sunday, the 4th of July. But not soon after they departed, an alarming incident took place.

A single mother of three special needs children stopped by the Mansion on her way home from church to enjoy some ice cream and fiddle tunes when suddenly all turned awry. (For the sake of privacy and anonymity) the mother will be referred to as “Momma” and her three young daughters generally and discreetly. 

At first, things were pleasant. Momma spotted an older couple with a doodle pup just a few feet away from her on the Mansion lawn then decided to visit them with her three girls for a quick friendly “hello” (since all the children love dogs and had a doodle pup at home too); this seemed normal and like a fun thing to do!

The youngsters all enjoyed recreating with the pup when another woman showed up with dark brown hair of about 60. She had been close by the couple. As all three kids played happily with the canine, the shorter dark-haired woman began to snap pictures of the children with her dog in the center.

“Oh, they look so cute together!” And on it went, until the woman began to take photos and apparently start sending them to people. The mother then stated, “Um, no pictures.” The strange woman then put her phone camera away. She never asked if she could take pictures of the little family she hadn’t even met by name but just snapped away as if the privilege was hers due to dog ownership, and sending them to a mysterious source.

The mother held her middle girl while the youngest was at her side, and the eldest girl was resting on the grass. Both of the older girls are unable to walk, so the mother had her hands full at all times. The couple (in their 60s) were well-kempt, kind (especially the husband), who had “soft, kind eyes” and seemed agreeable enough. The mother’s youngest child, quite friendly (and sightless, suffering from blindness), put her “arms up high,” indicating she wanted to be held. The older woman then scooped the child up in her arms, to which mother quickly responded with, “Put her down, put her down, she doesn’t know a stranger.”

The mother in this story is an excellent mother by reputation. She has diligently taught her children about strangers and is attune to the fact that some are very dangerous. The whole scenario then escalated into more awkwardness. 

The couple (especially the husband) had the older two girls engaged and mesmerized, with particular attention focused on the dog. There was action all around with the pup. The dark-haired woman had a dog as well, yet it was leashed to a lawn chair. The mother’s attention was a little divided between the dogs and her three vulnerable children, and as she turned, she saw the dark-haired woman pick up her outgoing youngest child. The youngster was touching the woman’s face, and in return, the stranger was stroking the young child’s hair. At this point, the mother (sitting and holding her needy middle daughter) then reached up and tugged on her youngest child’s arm, telling her to “come and sit by Momma.” Then she exhorted, “Put her down, put her down she doesn’t know a stranger.” She had to keep repeating herself and was growing irritated.  

It is important to note that at no time were the children out of Momma’s reach. Equally important is the fact that the two women were glancing at one another over the youngest girl’s head and laser-focused on the child.

Additionally, whenever the mother tried to turn the attention of them speaking to her daughter back to herself, the two women would then divert and address the little girl. As the child is blind, the woman felt she was easy to control and sway. 

The young girl, however, was simply seeking attention, to which the strange dark-haired woman replied directly to the child, “Oh, it’s alright. I don’t mind; you can touch my face.” The odd woman was actively overriding the mother’s authority.

At this conjecture, the mother pried her smallest child out the aggressive woman’s arms. The stranger kept pestering the child while tugging on her necklace and repeating, “Oh, I bet this is your name.” Over and over, she repeated herself until Momma injected with, “No, that’s not her name.”

Why was a stranger so eager to learn the child’s name, touch her face, and send her photos to strangers?

The bizarre woman continued to bother the child with questions. 

The mother looking at her other children, who were resting on the grass and conversing with the gentleman and his wife, then felt her youngest child’s arm slide off of hers. As Momma turned to check on her small child, she saw the child was then WALKING ACROSS THE CONRAD LAWN IN THE ARMS OF THE WOMAN WITH THE DARK HAIR! 

Stunned and startled, the mother began to yell (yet abstaining from loud screaming at this point), “Bring her back, please. She needs to come back now.” The odd woman then put the tot down and continued to walk hand in hand with the little girl while acting as though she had not heard the child’s mother. The child (loving the attention) continued to go with the self-entitled woman, who then picked the child back up in her arms and kept walking! 

By this time, the oldest child piped up. “Mommy, she’s taking my sister!” Then understandably upset, Momma bear came out with, “Bring my child back NOW!” She was also yelling to her youngest child to “come back” repeatedly.

The mother was upright on her feet now (which took a few moments due to the special needs of her older two children who require a lot of tending to and of whom Momma was frightened to leave unattended at this point even briefly with the couple. By the time the mother had reached the perpetrator, the dark-haired woman had dropped the child’s hand, smirked at Momma, and darted away as quickly as she could go.

They left the scene immediately.

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Video footage is now being looked into from the Conrad Mansion, which will hopefully allow police to view the suspects. The case is now an ongoing investigation, and the entire Kalispell Police Department is aware and involved in the project. 

Never in the history of Kalispell abductions has there been one of a younger child. It has always been teenagers. 

There are several essential elements to this story.

1. The man was keeping the older two busy with the dog.

2. The two women were glancing at each other but not talking and trying to get the child to speak to them but not Momma. Both the blond woman and darker-haired woman were hyper- laser-focused on the sightless child, assuming she was a target and vulnerable (which she was).

3. When Momma tried to ask the trio questions casually about themselves were very vague and yet wanted to interrogate the youngest child. 

4. Both women had perfectly kept hair, one light blond the other dark brown and nearly identical in style to the point they could have both been wigs.

5. Photos taken by abductors are often sent immediately to a “potential buyer,” who will then pay for the child. 

Kalispell, Montana is changing, as is all of Montana. This was the first year in which Montana Daily Gazette as well as “Momma” knew very few of the attendants at the ice cream social. There are strangers and tourists everywhere. If you see anyone fitting the descriptions of the trio, please don’t hesitate to call the Kalispell Police Department. 

“The gentleman” is slim, tall, with white hair, a mustache, clean, warm, and interactive with soft eyes. He was wearing a light-colored cloth hat that was attached with a string under the chin. He called the dog, “Ruby” a small Sheepdoodle, black and white, one year old on a pink leash.

“The Blond Woman” is medium height, medium to slim build, and with shoulder-length bobbed has blond hair.

“The Dark Haired Woman” had eyes which “sparked like flint” she had a darker complexion, quite tanned, short in stature, pushy, demonstrative with a dark brown mini poodle.  

The mother and protector of her children asked readers to make special note that special needs children often display what is entitled “Indiscriminate Affection,” meaning because of neglect before adoption, they will go to anybody. 

An excellent book that addresses how to deal with this issue properly is The Connected Child by Karen Purvis. It is a resource that focuses on keeping children calm, safe, and close. 

Montana Daily Gazette will keep readers informed as the case develops.


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  1. Truly hope the reprobates are captured. Traffickers and kidnappers often use distractions such as a pet, toy, candy, costumes, etc to entice and excite children to distraction. It would also be wise to instruct young children NOT to open the home’s door to anyone, regardless of what is being peddled or offered.


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