Serious Allegations of Financial Crimes by Whitefish Credit Union Growing Daily


In an article posted on Montana Daily Gazette last week (seen HERE), an airtight case was made against Whitefish Credit Union (WFCU) regarding what appears to be unethical behavior at least and criminal behavior at worst against its own members.

After the article’s publication, numerous additional facts, and victims have come to MDG’s attention via e-mail, or through the many readers of Montana Daily Gazette, the state’s #1 news source. One such victim is a man by the name of David (Joe) Clark.

Joe Clark is what one would call a self-made man who, through years of hard work, sweat and tears built a debt-free company into the largest manufacturer of specialty furniture in the United States.

Although WFCU appears to have several strategies that they use to separate good people from their properties, in the case of Joe Clark, and the case of one of the victims of our original article, Randy and Toni Mitchell, WFCU added other properties owned by the borrowers to the original loan without the borrower’s knowledge or consent, then forced foreclosures and took all of the properties and sold them for a profit.

One of the pieces of data collected by MDG is an internal e-mail memo that admits Joe’s other properties were “inadvertently” added to his loan. You can see that document by clicking here.

Before Joe was victimized by WFCU, he had taken out and successfully paid over $22 Million in loans with them until all that changed with the new CEO James Kenyon III at the helm. Click the link below to hear Joe in his own words.

Joe Clark is not the only WFCU member victimized by his own credit union, as the aforementioned Randy and Toni Mitchell are also victims of the “adding a property to the loan without the borrower’s knowledge” scam.

Included below is a link to Toni Barta’s (Mitchell) loan documentation prepared by Licensed Surveyor, Rick Breckenridge. Scroll to page 24 to see the original note for Toni Mitchell’s loan. Notice that there are no additional properties listed on the original note, but when you scroll down later in the document you will notice that Toni’ Mitchell’s place of residence is added on the documents as collateral and sent to the title company. To See Rick Breckenridge’s full investigative notes, Click Here. As a side note, the Mitchells lost both homes and had to move into a hotel.

Licensed Surveyor and well-respected family man, Rick Breckenridge joined Jim White from Montana Gazette Radio to go over the specifics of the Toni Mitchell case. White’s interview with Breckenridge can be accessed by clicking the video link below.

Keep an eye on Montana Daily Gazette for updates as this soon-to-be scandal surrounding unethical and possibly illegal activity from Whitefish Credit Union continues to unfold.


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