TPUSA Kicks Out Kids from Event for Posting Photos on Social Media They Don’t Like


Turning Point USA, a right-wing, “conservative” organization, has blacklisted two minors from an upcoming event for exercising free speech and association.

Student Action Summit (SAS), a “conservative” event hosted by TPUSA, is one of the largest right-wing conferences in the country, attracting thousands of teenagers every year. Not all who apply are accepted to the conference, making SAS a popular event among the conservative youth.

The 2 minors received emails from TPUSA stating they are no longer allowed to attend SAS just 4 days before the event begins. While TPUSA has refunded their tickets, the teenagers have spent hundreds in travel and lodging fees only to have the rug pulled out from under them.

While TPUSA gave no reason as to why the revocations were sent, one of the teens strongly believes it is to do with his recent association with Nick Fuentes, a former YouTuber and right-wing personality.

One of the two disinvited gave an exclusive quote to Montana Daily Gazette detailing his experience. “I attended CPAC when Fuentes showed up. I walked by him and photos were taken that included me. Some photos and videos went viral, with the likes of Hasan Piker reacting to them. A few days after, I received an email stating that I was disinvited from SAS, even after my application was approved.”

“I paid for a VIP ticket. I even had a hotel booked. It was insanity. They haven’t told me the reason but this leads me to suspect that it was because I was photographed near Fuentes. The timing on this is just uncanny. Both of us associate ourselves with Fuentes in some way and then less than a week later we are both kicked out of the event. If this disinvitation was not because of Fuentes, why wouldn’t they clarify the reason in their email to us?”

The other teenager who had her acceptance to the event revoked implies the rescinding is also related to Fuentes. “Two days after posting about Nick Fuentes being banned from Twitter I received an email from Turning Point telling me I had been banned from attending SAS,” she said in a statement.

“They offered no reason and there were no explicit policies which I had violated. This happened on 7/13/21 with the event to be held beginning on 7/17/21. Flights and accommodation have already been purchased. Prior to this I received no remarks from Turning Point in relation to my content. When I reached out to local Turning Point officials I was informed that they monitor social media activity. I have emailed them asking for an official statement as to why my admission has been revoked as well as a refund for my flight expenses as I have not violated any codes of conduct.”

TPUSA is an organization that supposedly promotes free speech yet rescinds an attendee’s invitation to an event for defending the free speech of a man TPUSA disagrees with reveals exposing gross hypocrisy.

Fuentes, the center of this controversy, has long criticized TPUSA for being inconsistent, now it seems TPUSA is just proving his points. While we are disappointed with the way TPUSA is handling this event and others, we hope this issue will be resolved and TPUSA can host more conservative events going forward.


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  1. There are numerous ‘conservatives’ who are so only by mouth and not action. They are a ‘sub-group’ who are vilely racist and condemning while professing a religious doctrine or creed which they neither understand, have adulterated, and construed to their own error-saturated interpretations. There are numerous sub-groups within certain groups who make others look bad such as this TPUSA.


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