Montana GOP is Getting Younger, But is it Growing Stronger?


The make-up of the Montana GOP is changing. Sure, there will still be those stalwarts who term out of one public office and successfully run for another, but overall the Montana GOP is being redefined and repositioned to connect with America’s youth.

While many young adults across the country are recovering from the recent lockdown\mask trauma inflicted upon them by the overzealous establishment, Montana young adults are tearing off their masks (if they ever wore one), getting educated about real issues, and launching political campaigns across the Treasure State.

Left to Right: Aaron Leace, Kaitlyn Ruch, Randyn Gregg, Scot Kerns, Will Boone, Braxton Mitchell, Alden Tonkay, and Dennison Rivera

The question that remains is, “Will the transition to a more youthful legislature make the GOP weaker, or will it make them stronger?” To answer that, one only has to look at the left’s playbook and pinpoint their biggest target, which appears to be America’s youth.

The list of attacks on America’s youth and the family is too voluminous to list for this article. That being said, there is no doubt that the battle for America’s future is being waged against young adults, pre-teens, and, sadly, even preschool children.

To counter that attack, youthful patriots with opposing views have decided to rise across this nation in an attempt to hold back the wave of socialist rhetoric that has permeated every sphere in which they operate. In Montana, we are fortunate to have a group of All-Stars that have taken up that mantle, and yes, they are making the GOP stronger.

Whether they were inspired by the great work of first-time legislator Braxton Mitchell or the writing and leadership of Dennison Rivera, Republican youths in Montana are stepping out and stepping up. One such young adult candidate is Alden Tonkay, who is running for Montana HD 82 in Helena. Tonkay joined Jim White of Montana Gazette Radio recently to discuss his candidacy and his platform.


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