Immediate Call to Action for Montana Redistricting!


GOP Chairman, Don K, has sent out an Immediate Call to Action regarding the Redistricting Process.


Republicans were outnumbered 5 to 1 by the Democrats (that is being generous to us!) at last week’s Redistricting Commission Meeting for public comment regarding setting the rules for redistricting. The Commission is planning to use “fair and competitive districts” instead of the statutory 1% – 3% rule.
They set public comment at the next meeting AT THE END of their meeting, which means they plan to make all rule-making decisions final BEFORE additional public comment.


#1 – We need to convince the Commission to open public comment at the BEGINNING of their next meeting with an overwhelming number of people to provide written public comments by 3:00 pm this Friday. 
#2 – We need as many people as possible to attend the next Commission meeting and provide public comments in person or by Zoom. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 20th @ 10:00 am in the State Capitol. 


We NEED each one of you to do the following TODAY if possible:1. Read the attached document for all information. 2. Submit your written comments TODAY. (Copy and paste the provided Comments on the attached document. We do not need original thought, we need sheer numbers to respond.) 3. Make a list of 10 people you know who you can ask to submit their comments by Friday at 3:00 pm. Include their name, phone number, and email address. 4. Forward this email and attached document to all 10 people. 5. Follow up with a phone call to each person: a. to make sure they received the email b. help them through the process of submitting their comments   c. find out if they are available on July 20th to attend in person or by Zoom
If you need help with making phone calls or emailing the information out, please provide me with your list of 10 people. We have volunteers who are willing to help. Call me on my cell phone. (406) 799-8506
We need to act and THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW. This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing we, as Republicans, can do for the next decade. This will not only affect the next Congressional election but will set the standards for decades to follow.

Let’s DO this! 

Debbie ChurchillMTGOP Grassroots Director1300 Aspen Street, Ste. BHelena, MT 59601(406) 442-6469 (office)(406) 799-8506 (cell)


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