Helena ‘PRIDE’ Features Parades, Scantily-Clad Drag Shows, and Little Kids Throwing Dollar Bills


The city of Helena must be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or some other debilitating mental illness, judging by their decision to host a week of Pride Festivities, despite the fact that they just had a whole ‘Pride Month’ in June.

At the rate we’re going, we would not be surprised if the big push next year is to have “The Summer of Pride’ where gay folks will have June, July, and August to celebrate their sexual deviancy. For now, not only do we have to endure an entire month of Gay Pride, but we have another week of it in July where seemingly anything goes.  

Over 45 businesses are advertising/supporting the event via window signs, so it might be an excellent idea NOT TO PATRONIZE these businesses. We included a list below, for anyone who chooses to financially penalize them going forward by forgoing their establishment. (Click to enlarge)

The events started on July 11th and will culminate tomorrow on Saturday, July 17th with a parade and a street party, featuring a drag show on the walking mall, with promoters explaining “This year, we’re going to absolutely swamp the street with queer love and music and great entertainment.”

There’s even a Legislative Debrief with MGA & MHRN! They advertise the drag show as a “free, family-friendly-ish event” which means it will be anything but.

Several of the events so far have featured men and women in drag wearing scantily clad outfits. Chests exposed with stuck-on pasties, or their butts on display with only bright thongs under garish fishnet stockings keeping things together, all the while engaging in overtly sexual behavior and making overtly sexual movements and gyrations.

This is true for one of the drag shows today, which featured dancing and strutting, twerking and throwing themselves across the stage in a stripper routine, writhing on the floor while young children and young teens threw dollar bills at them as if they were in a strip club.

Big Sky Pride is also advertising a Drag Queen Story Hour’ at the Holter Museum later in the afternoon, exposing children to strange ideologies and seeking to normalize this behavior.

The city is further suspending the city’s open container ordinance, as apparently, they require the alcohol to be free-flowing in order to properly promote their perversions.

And all that is just public-facing. We can’t even imagine what is happening behind closed doors and away from the public view.

Simply put: This is perhaps the lewdest and most debaucherous event this year in the state of Montana, and it’s getting more sexual and less inhibited with every new event.

Given that, it’s never too late to put together a few signs real quickly and head on over to protest what ultimately comes down to an event in celebration of deviance and vice; being a voice that will say ‘we’re not going to let you expose this relentless filth to our children by casting it as completely normal and acceptable’ without putting up a fight.

That’s worth raising a ruckus about.


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