Montana’s Liberal Media Loses In Court Against Rep. Barry Usher


Montana’s legacy press outlets – its local newspapers and television stations – are as famously liberal as Geraldine Custer’s voting record. Like Custer or any other member of the Democrat-wing of the Republican Party, the mainstream press exists to serve, assist, and help Democrats with their agenda by whatever means necessary and usually under false pretenses.

This was the case when the Montana Press Corps – minus the Montana Daily Gazette – sued Rep. Barry Usher for meeting with a few colleagues without inviting them to join. We wrote about that story in the article, Montana Media Lawsuit Demands to Legislator Urinals, Personal Cars.

In that article, MDG pointed out that the lawsuit was really an attempt by the liberal press to stop the pro-life and pro-biology conservative legislation discussed that day, perhaps later in court, nullifying the legislation ex post facto. We wrote…

Their lawsuit, filed last week, stems from a January 21 meeting between Rep. Usher and nine other Republicans. Usher, Chair of the Montana House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, called the get-together to work out some personal issues between legislators in order to dispel problems that could prevent the people’s work from progressing on the House floor. The decision is keeping with many years of standard operating protocol when legislators need to work out some personality conflicts behind closed doors.

We added, “Filing the suit is a virtual conga line of media outlets going bankrupt, laying off employees, selling their property, consolidating their print facilities, and unionization in an attempt to survive the industry’s death spiral. They include the Associated Press, Billings Gazette, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Helena Independent Record, Missoulian, Montana Standard, Ravalli Republic, Lee Enterprises, Hagadone Media Montana, Montana Broadcasters Association, Montana Newspaper Association and Montana Free Press.”

According to the Associated Press, “A Montana judge dismissed a lawsuit by The Associated Press and other media organizations that argued the chairman of a legislative committee illegally held a secret meeting of Republican lawmakers before the committee voted on bills involving abortion and transgender health care.”

On Thursday, July 8th, District Court Judge Mike Menahan ruled in favor of Rep. Barry Usher of Billings, who held a committee meeting in which Judge Menahan remarked by stating, “The Court is unwilling to redefine ‘quorum’ as a majority of a majority.” The Judge continued, the “gathering of lawmakers was closer to an ad hoc group” (meaning on an as-needed basis). 

Thank God the restrooms between the House and Senate chambers will be places where a presspass in not license to trespass.

The Liberal “anti-life abortion-ridden, transgender-loving” cronies, did not win, and they will not. They are just sore losers because the Democrats weren’t invited to the ad hoc, non-quorum meeting. 

The Legacy Press will not win. Once again, they appear as fools trying to overrule what is good and right. 

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think on these things. -Philippians 4:8 

You can read the full story from the AP here.

Barry Usher, 1. Liberal media, Zero.


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  1. The Liberal MSM serves NO useful purpose to Hard Working Tax Paying Citizens. The Scumbags who have been suckling the welfare teet for their entire existence for GENERATIONS are the ones the liberal MSM is catering to. Honest Tax Payers have NO use for the Lies, Propaganda & demonic B/S the Liberals & the MSM produces. Liberalism is a DEMONIC sickness. Demonrats are the scourge of the earth.


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