During ‘Pride’ March in Helena, Here’s Why This Publication Refuses to Bend to Trans Mafia


Men in rainbow-colored tutus could be seen walking their dog at the ‘Gay Pride’ march in Helena this morning. Along with them were their parents, with small children in tow. Some of those children had been dressed in drag, confusing them of their actual gender. Some homosexuals wore leather harnesses about their chest, signaling their status as a dominant or submissive sodomy partner. Police marched alongside the parade, ensuring that the odd assortment of rainbow-bedazzled denizens looking like gay versions of the inhabitants of Star Wars’ Moes Eisley’s Cantina were protected from any counter-protestors (none were reported).

The group of homosexuals, cross-dressers, “two-spirited people,” and “transgender” folks with their straight allies (marching to signal their virtue as enlightened, open-minded, and caring people) made their way through Helena in the name of sexual oddity, and proved it by their dress and actions.

Furthermore, it’s America. And while it’s sad that parents chose to expose their children to such perversity, it’s not a crime. And even further, we would defend their right to march wherever they want, so far as they are peacefully assembling. Their right to be weird is immutable, and my right to call them weird is also immutable. The First Amendment freedoms of assembly, speech, religion and the press work both ways.


Two years ago, I was at Big Sky Pride, preaching to the crowd that pride is a sin.

“God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6).

A man of more than six-and-a-half feet, pretending to be a woman, was incensed that I misgendered him. More than half a dozen Helena PD were present to protect me and a group of four others (three of them, teenagers*), who were passing out gospel tracts outside a Helena club hosting a “soap party” (where the facility is filled with soapy bubbles and God-knows-what happens inside).

*I took teenagers to expose them to what the real LGBTQ community looks like and acts like, and not that which has been sanitized in public marketing campaigns.

The crowd of LGBTQ activists began to shout at me, “That’s a woman. That’s a woman.” I responded simply, “No, that it isn’t a woman. That’s a man.”

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To prove he was a woman, he took down his shirt to expose large, artificial breasts. I asked the officer (with the plan already in my head as to how it would play out) to charge him immediately with a violation of Montana Code 45-5-504, also known as “indecent exposure” or “public indecency.” While a female can expose her breasts in certain cases (like breastfeeding or even at events where toplessness is previously advertised ahead of time), a female exposing her breasts in anger “with the attention of offending others” was a crime. I had the event on video from my Go-Pro camera.

The officer smiled and shook his head, “No.” This was according to my plan.

“Why not, officer?” I asked politely.

He responded, “Because you can’t cite a man for showing his chest, because it’s not a violation of the law.”

Soon the crowd began to shout, “Cite him! Cite him! Cite him! Cite him!” Soon, they caught on to their own mistake and then shouted, “Cite her! Cite her! Cite her!” Before it was over, he was demanding to be cited for showing his deformed chest. The officer, however, knew that a man could not successfully be prosecuted (neither is it a crime) to be bare-chested as a man.


Today, the parade of queerness happened again, this time not deterred by the Chinese chest cold. Photographs were provided to the Montana Daily Gazette by Debbie Westlake.

Westlake went briefly to the pride celebration, in much the same way that some might stop to see a particularly horrific train wreck.

Westlake, well-known for her advocacy for children and families, wrote, “The thing I found most disturbing? The sheer number of children in attendance!!!! I would estimate at least one third were under the age of 18 (most FAR younger! ) and there was even one female around 9 yrs old trying desperately to cover her shirt that read “Just because I don’t have a penis, DON’T mistake me for a GIRL”

Westlake went on to add, “My complaint is when you attempt to shove your ethics (or lack of) down others’ throats, and that’s exactly what it feels like, has been going on for quite some time now and how about we STOP SEXUALIZING OUR KIDS!!!!!”

And, the homosexuals and their gay allies were definitely out in force, which makes sense, considering such events are a giant hook-up scene for sexual encounters (the average homosexual has roughly 567% more sexual encounters in a lifetime than the average heterosexual).

As the photos in the slideshow above demonstrate, such events are largely about sex, which is why condoms and HIV testing are both readily available at the event for free. Shirts claiming the wearer is “bear bait” (a submissive “bottom” for a larger, masculine male) and the Unitarian-Universalist “church” marching in the parade is just par for the course of the provocateurs of sodomy. And, of course, there were some “furries” present (as the photo above shows), who are folks who like to dress up like animals when they have sex or march in gay pride parades in 100-degree heat (they must be really, really committed to animal-simulated sex).


As this event was taking place, I was around the campfire with my friends from church discussing a peculiar topic; the efficacy of the bidet toilet, the “squatty potty,” and different hygienic methods of toiletry employed around the world I’ve experienced as a missionary; it was one of those conversation you have when you run out of things to talk about. Some of us had opinions on each, but we each came to the same conclusion; what you do with your anus is your business.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that sodomy isn’t a moral issue. The very notion itself is destructive to humanity, traumatizing to the human body, disease-laden, and frankly, gross. And, as an American with a First Amendment right I’ll continue to point out that it offends God greatly (Romans 1:18-27).

But as a non-theonomist and non-theocrat Libertarian-leaning Republican, I’m fine enough (on a legal level) with consenting adults abusing themselves privately however their perverted little mind wants to do it. It’s sad, but I’ve never argued for the criminalization of being gross.

Gay marriage, on the other hand, should not be legal because marriage – the term itself – had to be redefined in order to pass Obergfell vs Hodges into law. I don’t like Orwellian exercises of word molestation and the willy-nilly redefinition of terms because words are my trade, both as a pastor and a journalist. There is no such thing as a “gay marriage,” regardless of what a human court says, because there is one court higher than that which is called fraudulently “Supreme” and that Judge has spoken.

No, the real issue of this op-ed is the trans-lobby and our refusal to buckle to it as a publication.


I asked a clerk at a retail outlet near Helena, several weeks ago, what the pin on his vest meant. The man, pretending to be a woman, explained that it stood for “trans pride.” I responded politely before leaving the store, “Well, pride is a sin, you are a man, and you should repent and trust in Jesus.” I then turned to leave, with my business transacted. That man shared his opinion, and I shared mine.

What ensued was an angry woman of twice my girth screaming in my face for the next few minutes that “he has a right to be gay.” I tried to explain – over her screaming – that she just agreed with me that he was a he. I also tried to explain that I affirm his right to play pretend, and I affirm his right to speech (by dressing however he wants, by wearing a trans-pride pin, and by telling me what it means). I don’t think she could hear any of that over her screaming that Jesus hates me and I’m going to hell. But I was also present when she called the police to report a “hate crime” and “act of transphobia.”

I gave them my business card for the Montana Daily Gazette to give to the officers, whenever they happened to appear and left the premises being ordered by the private business employee to leave. Upon seeing my business card, the woman was elated that she will “get [me] fired” over this.”

Big lol to that one.

The reason why the “transgender” issue matters – even more than the issue as to whether or not people are properly using their bodily orifices the way God designed them to be used – is because the notion of “transgenderism” strikes at the heart of Objective Reality. And to me, and to the Montana Daily Gazette, nothing matters more than Objective Reality.


Objective Reality is defined as, “truth that exists whether or not someone is consciously aware of it.” Something that is subjective, on the other hand, is a matter of opinion. Reality is that which is true. And so Objective Reality means that some things are true no matter whether they are popular or unpopular, in vogue or detested, or affirmed or denied by society at large.

Our goal at Montana Daily Gazette is to be advocates for Objective Reality.

For example, the earth is round despite a growing movement of very self-convinced people that it is flat.

For example, gravity works whether or not a mentally ill person jumps off his roof, thinking he will float.

For example, Eppstein did not kill himself, OJ Simpson is a murderer, and the earth revolves around the sun.

For example, no matter of imagination, determination, willpower, hormonal treatment, or surgery can make a man into a woman or a woman into a man.

With most of these matters, we Americans feel free to proudly shout from the rooftops whatever we feel to believe is Objective Reality. But with “transgenderism” we are expected to play along, go along, and – even as adults – take part in an imaginary playland, not of our own making.

Bruce Jenner is a man. If he cuts off his penis, he will become an emasculated man. That’s Objective Reality. In Montana, he can amend his birth certificate if he cuts off his penis, but he will still be a man no matter what it says on that piece of paper.

That’s because what makes a man or a woman is deeper than genitalia. It’s chromosomal. For example, if Bruce Jenner’s blood was found at a crime scene, police would be looking for a man. That he wears make-up and has synthetic breasts would make no difference as to how they would identify the subject in a lab.

Or, here’s another picture of the chromosomal distinction, if you prefer.

This is not changed by surgery. This is not changed by a fraudulent birth certificate. This is not changed by hormone treatment. This is Objective Reality.

When a Montana news publication calls Bruce Jenner a woman, they have made the editorial decision to write that which they know is not objectively true. Why, or how, could their journalism ever be trusted again? By their own words, they spoke lies. Cancel your publication to their paper, post-haste. Do not get your news from intentional liars.

Therefore, the editorial policy of the Montana Daily Gazette is to correctly “gender” (it’s stupid that word is a verb now) someone in accordance to Objective Reality. This is because it is our job to tell the truth, as best we understand it, at the time it is available to us.

We will not use “preferred pronouns” in our writing because preference is subjective. We will use objectively truthful pronouns.


The matter of applying Objective Reality to the “transgender” debate has far-reaching implications.

Is Greg Gianforte a good governor just because he identifies as such? Will de-masking cause a super-spreader event at a gay-pride march in Helena just because Drenda Niemann says so? Is Trump still POTUS because he claims the election was stolen? If Trump wakes up tomorrow and says he’s POTUS and Mara Lago is the new White House, will this be the case?

In an age of flat-earthism and conspiracy theories, we cannot abandon the concept of Absolute Truth. So putting the LGB aside for a moment, the implications of the T is much more dangerous for all of us.

There are people who believe they are trans-species (like a cat, or alien). There are people who believe that they are trans-human (cyborgs). There are people who believe they are trans-ableists (that they are disabled when they are not). All of these are real, diagnosed mental health conditions in which the subject is utterly convinced they are something that they are not. And in the latter, surgeons are now chopping off the limbs, legs, and arms of the transabled because to placate their mental disorder.

I presume that many (although certainly not all) of those present at today’s LGBTQ parade in Helena would call those extreme cases and perhaps even balk at the notion of cutting off someone’s perfectly good arm just because the individual doesn’t think it belongs. And yet, almost every participant at today’s gay pride event was against HB427, which would not allow children to decide to chop off their penis because they are confused as to why it’s there.

The only reason why the trans-mafia would be against such surgeries is because they believe in subjective lies, but inconsistency is the sign of a failed argument.

Men are men, and cannot change that. Women are women and cannot change that. The Montana Daily Gazette will not be moved or persuaded by notions of “kindness” to play pretend with those who need mental help. We will not abandon our commitment to Objective Truth in the name of civility, niceness, or the social acceptability of widespread lying about human biology.

[This op-ed was written by Gideon Knox Publisher, Jordan Hall]


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