Heroes of the Week: Staff at St. Joseph Medical Clinic in Polson for Manifesting that Mercy


In the midst of all the darkness in the world, it is a kindness and a grace when some light can shine through, and for that reason, we wanted to honor and thank the staff at St. Joseph Medical Clinic in Polson, Montana, after hearing this report from a woman in distressed who needed to use their services.

A local resident shared her interaction with them on July 16th, demonstrating how that little bit extra of humanity can go a long way and bring healing to a horrific situation. As Montanans, we need to pray for all our suffering citizens and neighbors and continue to do so.

A local resident shared this story on social media. Though posted publicly, her name is being withheld out of privacy.

So this happened in Polson, Montana, last night:

I just survived a suicide attempt and am staying in a crisis house. I had to go to the ER for severe pain and mental health issues. I almost collapsed and fainted from the pain I was in physically and mentally. I was sobbing, and a 27 year veteran of the police force who now works as the security officer at St. Joe’s hospital helped me.

(I’m sorry I forgot your name because my emotional turmoil-memory loss and depression are a burden).

She came up behind me, caught me, and held me, rubbing my hair and back while I cried.

Then when I was released from the ER at 1 am, she pushed me in a wheelchair from the hospital down across the street back to the crisis house so I wouldn’t have to walk or ride in the back of a cop or security vehicle.

She just pushed me back to the crisis house and talked to me under the stars.

I wanted to thank her. I hope she sees this.

The entire staff at St. Joe’s Hospital was terrific; so was the Doctor.
They all deserve doughnuts and pizza and flowers.

I have no money, but if anyone would be willing to send them, and that lady security officer, something maybe a donation from a local place or something, I’m sure it would mean a lot to them.

Be sure to thank them for me.

Montana Daily Gazette extends a heartfelt thanks to the staff at Providence St. Josephs Medical Center in Polson, Montana.


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