Candidate Ryan Zinke Stuns Montana Conservatives with Helena Fundraiser


Candidate for Montana’s newly created House seat, Ryan Zinke, held a fundraiser in Helena last month, and there were more RHINOS in attendance than one would see in a week-long African Safari.

Zinke, who has suddenly managed to appear at every conservative function being held in Montana after being absent for several years, pulled together the most stellar collection of phony republicans, perhaps in the history of Montana politics.

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Zinke, who resigned from the cabinet of the 45th President of the US Corporation, Donald Trump, is not well-liked by true conservatives, especially in the Flathead Valley. One has to only look at the promotion poster from Zinke’s event that came across the Editor’s desk today to understand why Zinke is establishment through and through.

Frankly, it is stunning to MDG that Zinke would even publicize an event so overloaded with “D-Listers,” and we are referring to their overall grades according to the Legistats website.

You can do the research yourself at the Legistats link above, but for those limited on time please allow MDG to lay it out straight. Below are the overall grades of the current serving legislators who appear on the Zinke promotional poster.

Keep in mind, these represent the Democrat-Wing of the Republican Party (except for Gauthier, who seems like he’s playing the Sesame Street Game, One of These Things is Not Like the Other).

Two questions should be asked: Why is Zinke surrounding himself by the Democrat-Wing of the GOP and secondly, why is the Democrat-Wing of the Republican Party supporting Zinke over Al Olszewski?

  • Gauthier, Terry – B
  • Salomon, Daniel – D
  • Dooling, Julie – D
  • Jones, Llew – D
  • Buttrey, Ed – D
  • Walsh, Kenneth – D
  • Anderson, Fred – C
  • Fitzgerald, Ross – D
  • Holmlund, Kenneth – D
  • Whitman, Kathy – D
  • Garner, Frank – D
  • Bertoglio, Marta – D
  • Bedey, David – D
  • Frazer, Gregory – D

If the above legislators had received the same letter grade when they attended high school as they received from Legistats, many of them would have spent their break in summer school. These are not conservatives.

The danger of a state with one-party control (like Montana) is that Democrats run in Republican primaries to get elected. That’s certainly the case with the bulk of these men.

We are all probably familiar with the saying, “birds of a feather flock together.” Well, Ryan Zinke has proven that the same thing applies to RINOs. Who would have thought?


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  1. Best part is this RINO fund raiser occurred during the State GOP Convention…which featured the Cascade County Central Committee Chair challenge for the State Vice-Chair seat – held by a fellow CasCo Republican – and citing her skin color as key credential for office.

    The self-delusion is strong in these RINOs.

  2. Not at all surprised to see Doolings name on that list, I have interacted with her and was shocked to see that her signs posted that she was Republican.


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