Door-to-Door Vaxx Nuttiness; ‘That Kind of Heavy-Handedess Won’t Fly Here’ Remarks MT Attorney General


As President Joe Biden unveiled his new plan to stick a vaccine needle in the arm of every American via an aggressive door-to-door campaign, Montana Attorney Austin Knudsen suggested that if strong-arm or aggressive tactics were implemented within the state, that “that kind of heavy-handedness won’t fly here.”

Biden’s soulless and scurvy Press Secretary Jen Psaki explained that they were instituting the door-to-door campaign to save lives and would be targeting areas where vaccine rates were unacceptably low. By way of brief backhand, she likewise criticized anyone engaged in counter-messaging as “doing a disservice to the country.”

Their plan is simple, seemingly; knock on a bunch of doors and “ignore ‘no Solicitation’ signs” according to the script, in order to ensure they’re engaging with all residents.

Wait? What script?

Below are pages of “the script” which so-called “Health Ambassadors” will be using when they go door to door trying to con the public into taking the toxic experimental covid injections. Pay close attention to the script, and then click on the smaller pictures below to see actual, literal practice scripts.

Despite the claims that they’re not soliciting so long as they are offering “critical information and resources” this is simply not true. This is the textbook definition of what soliciting is:

Our advice for anyone encountering these vaccine-soliciting door knockers is simple:
don’t even let them onto your doorstep. Don’t answer silly questions and politely ask them to leave, advice which Knudsen recommends.

Some residents who don’t even want to deal with this at all, either Biden’s people or local vaccine engagement groups, have put up some of the following signs and decals, in hopes to dissuade any brave health ambassadors who might be tempted to ignore a regular “no solicitation” request.

Thankfully, we don’t see this gaining much traction in our state, as Montanans are smarter than this nonsense and will likely give them PTSD and permanent hearing loss from having the door slammed in their faces so many times.


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