Op-Ed: Hey Everyone Stop Dumping Your Trash! (But Mostly You Tourists!)

photo by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash

Littering has always been an issue everywhere, but in Montana, it’s so much worse on account of the sheer number of PEOPLE coming to our state. More tourists. More people. More trash.

One forceful confrontation occurred two days ago in Missoula, where a local woman freely admits she went “full-blown Karen” on a family of tourists who had been staying at the Doubletree Hotel in Missoula and thought it completely fine and acceptable to dump their trash while floating a river in that area.

Explaining that when “You come here for our beautiful rivers, streams, mountains, and parks. So when you leave, pick your “$%&*# up.” She recounts how she and a friend confronted a couple that was river floating in front of them.

“They got out of the river and left Dorito bags, life jackets, garbage bags, and plastic bottles. IN THE WATER. Then they proceeded to walk up out of the river and dump all four tubes on the shore. They walked up to the DoubleTree Hotel and called an Uber to take them to dinner. (We picked up all their garbage).

We charged up there and very loudly (publicly) shamed them. I told (yelled) at them to walk back down and pick up their garbage. I listed out all the stuff they discarded in our watershed. We told them to “have some respect” and that they “Can’t just come here and trash our state.” The mom actually said: “That’s what we came here to do.” (Meaning use it and discard it).

We were infuriated. At any rate, Missoula Police Department and Fish Wildlife and Parks were super helpful and equally as aggravated with their trashy behavior.”

Noting that she emailed law enforcement pictures of all the garbage they dumped behind, as well as pictures of the family so they can identify them with the hotel, she concluded:

“If y’all see these lovely people out and about in Missoula with their brand new “Montana Trucker” hats on, please remind them to pick up after themselves.”

It’s a good word for locals too, as Montanans can be guilty of this as well, so please, “y’all” don’t trash our state.


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