BREAKING! University of Montana (Journalism/Media Youth Workshop’) Deceptively Lures Students; then Promotes BLM and Personal Pronouns

Source: UMS Facebook page

Several Flathead County students ranging from 9th-12th grades signed up for a “Summer Journalism and Media Camp” through the University of Montana, which took place on July 18th-July 22nd.

According to the event page:

The School of Journalism in the College of the Arts and Media at the University of Montana is hosting a three-day summer experience for high school students to explore and build media and journalism skills. Students will stay on the scenic University of Montana campus, learn from faculty at the top-ten award-winning School of Journalism, make connections with media professionals and get hands-on experience in writing, reporting, photography, graphic design, social media, and more.

One extremely concerned resident of Flathead County commented that there was more to this event that met the eye. This was no mere apolitical, unbiased and neutral event, but rather was rife with highly partisan and progressive propaganda. She explains that “My little sister attended a camp at the University of Montana and was forced to wear this name tag.”

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If the mandatory use of personal pronouns wasn’t enough, she further explains that as part of the curriculum and activities, they were led to a room where they were made to watch tons of videos promoting Black Lives Matter and tributes to George Floyd.

We don’t care what your stance is on this stuff; the media is disgusting. They told the kids by the end of the camp, they’ll be seeing things “their way.” (Meaning the University of Montana Journalism and Media Department’s way, that is)

Yet the kids’ schedules didn’t have ANY of that on their itinerary. This was not divulged to be part of the program, and these efforts at indoctrination made several students uncomfortable, with reports that a few of the Whitefish students got up and left.

DEFUND THE MEDIA. I’d be furious if my child were forced to put pronouns on a name tag. If someone chooses to do that, they can. But don’t force that on our children.”

Another resident remarked:

“This needs to be passed on to legislators. They can defund the schools over this, and the legislators need to know what is happening. Boise State just lost funding over something similar.”

If you’re even thinking about placing your kids in the University of Montana this fall, consider that you’re subjecting them to an unending stream of propaganda and indoctrination. Their goal is known: to convert your children into their secular humanist way of thinking, and you can be sure they won’t be subtle about it.


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