Sheriffs Deploy ‘Covid Sniffing Canines’- Next Step Could be Deadly


At first, it almost seems helpful. Our neighbors to the far East, Massachusetts, announced that one of their sheriff’s offices had a pair of 9-month-old dogs that were the first “COVID sniffing canines” of their kind, trained to be able to detect the scent of SARS-CoV-2.

Developed by Florida International University’s International Forensic Research Institute, which “used a similar program for dogs detecting fungus in crops and adapted it to COVID detection” The FIU themselves have been using these dogs for a while in order to detect COVID-19 on their own campus.

Bristol County Sheriff’s Office Captain Paul Douglas explained:

“It’s best to think of it as a decontamination tool. The dogs can detect the COVID odor on a counter or table if it was recently touched by a COVID-positive individual, or even detect the odor on a tissue used by someone with COVID.”

He notes that by request, they were being “allowed into town buildings, nonprofit organizations, nursing homes, Councils on Aging, public safety, and medical facilities, if needed” and compares their implementation to the same dogs that are used to scout bombs and drugs.

Though it may sound convenient and a medical marvel, with the promise of the ability to be able to track down the novel coronavirus practically before it starts, in reality, this is terrifying development, and ought to make all Montana citizens resist it in the most strenuous way if it ever came to our state.

This is a classic “frog in the slow-cooking pot” scenario.

Consider it. If “COVID” is detected in granny’s nursing home pod, with images of some canines sniffing around gramma’s ankle hose, the whole ward will need to be tested, lest Mrytle three doors down infect the whole place. If you refuse to get tested, you will be forced into quarantine or asked to leave the establishment. The same goes for your workplace, same goes for your school.

This is notwithstanding the fact that their efficacy ought to be called into question, with similarly functioning drug-sniffing dogs being notoriously inaccurate and wrong more times than they are right.

Never have dogs been used for sniffing out the flu, pneumonia, hepatitis, chicken pox, or other medical maladies, but COVID is big bucks, and this is easy to turn awry. From the testing to the deadly “COVID” injections, it is all a piece of investigative pup priming. Show me the money, doggies.

It’s incredibly invasive. Schools have enough questionable COVID antics going on, the last thing they need are dogs racing through and sniffing everything in sight, with “alerts” having big consequences on one’s privacy. It’s a civil liberties nightmare, and we can easily see a world where, if certain authoritative leaders get their way, they could make the implementation widespread and a primary tool for facilitating their witch hunts.

Were we to get really dystopian, we could compare its eventual use to certain German practices that used dogs 80 years ago to detect, locate, and neutralize other “threats” to the state.

And it is the Sheriff department implementing these activities!! Sheriffs are supposed to be community protectors, not community invaders.

If you live in a place where authorities are bringing dogs in to “Sniff out COVID” absolutely put the kibosh on it. Write letters to your local newspaper in an editorial, do not allow it to infiltrate your child’s school or classroom, and for heaven’s sake, keep it out of granny’s nursing home pod.


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