Op:Ed- Let It Go, Joe. Flathead County Won’t Fall for your Virtue Signaling, Vaccine-Manipulation Tactics


Joe Russell just will not leave Flathead County alone. He’s like the starved dog that just found a soup bone; dug in and unwilling to let go. How else can you explain his constant badgering, prodding, and snooping, all the while trying to appear non-threatening? This shameful behavior gets old fast, but that doesn’t seem to stop him from doing it anyway.

This time his angle is political, as if we can’t see through his cleverly crafted smokescreen or should care that his story is on the front page of The Daily Inter Lake.

Joe; we couldn’t care less about your “210 active cases” of COVID in Flathead County because we’ve seen the cry-wolf testing drama many times before. Remember the time 10 construction workers were quarantined and sat home for weeks on end because not one of them had a single symptom of COVID yet tested “positive?” We do. And we know that that sort of reading is common when you have the Cycle Thresholds (amplification of matter) set way too high when looking for the novel coronavirus.

And yes, it’s ILLEGAL in the State of Montana (according to the Montana State Constitution) to forcibly quarantine well people. One of your “health department workers” even threatened to call the sheriff on one of the construction workers simply because he stated he “felt fine and wanted to go back to work.”

You can nag and chirp all you want, but you’ll never get us to care that people have tested positive.

This isn’t a game show, Joe. We don’t care if ‘8,900 people in Flathead County are eligible to receive the vaccine’ because there is no prize, only many losers.

(See video clip below of a Pfizer “Covid shot” victim who’d do anything to reverse her decision to “vaccinate”)

Because we question your intelligence and competence, few things make us happier or more proud in Flathead County than knowing we have an exceptionably low vaccination rate. It’s a badge of honor for us, showing how conscientious and aware we are concerning the ATROCITY of the experimental shot. We know that infuriates you and makes you squirm with wrath, but we don’t care.

In the aforementioned article that featured you so prominently, you expressed your concerns that Republicans and conservatives were showing such high levels of vaccine hesitancy, and noted that there is a correlation between voting for Biden and getting the vaccine. This is obviously true and shouldn’t be some big revelation, with Missoula voting 60% Biden and sitting at a “61% vaccination rate, whereas Flathead voted 34% Biden and sits at a 38% vaccination rate. Shocker of all shockers.

While you peg yourself as an expert, there are other people we listen to and listen to their medical advice- you don’t have a monopoly on that yet. One such person is Dr. Luc Montagnier. He’s a virologist that won a Nobel Prize In Physiology or Medicine in 2008. He mentioned that “It is clear that the new variants are created by antibody-mediated selection DUE TO VACCINATION and “vaccinating during a pandemic is ‘unthinkable’ and is causing deaths.”

Be gone. We’re done with you, For the rest of you folks, Read more about the “variants” in MDG’s article Flathead County Health Officer Appears Inept and Incompetent Concerning ‘COVID Variants’ and COVID Injection ‘Safety‘, and above all else, don’t listen to Joe or do anything he says.


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