VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Visits Montana, Instantly Harassed By Liberals in Bait Shop


God bless Tucker Carlson. Not only is he one of the few legitimate truth-tellers working for Big Media, but he’s also taken his hard-earned money to come to the Big Sky State to spend some time in the outdoors. Montana is still suffering the after-effects of Bullocks unnecessary COVID-19 shut-down economy, and we can use all the tourists and outdoors enthusiasts we can get. It was only last year that our then-Democrat governor was having his Department of Commerce pay for advertisements asking people to stay away from Montana (see here).

Thank God that our new governor, Greg Gianforte (R) and the overwhelmingly Republican state legislature opened our tourism economy back up. The industry brings in 3.7 billion dollars each year (for comparison, agriculture brings in 2.4 billion each year). 

Carlson is now (or was until earlier today) enjoying the Big Sky State and made his way to Dan Bailey’s Outdoor Company in Livingston, Montana.

There, Carlson was reamed out and chastised by “Dan Bailey” at Dan Bailey’s Outdoor Company (keep reading before you make angry phone calls) for being a conservative (in the middle of a state with almost complete Republican Control – minus the courts – a massive Red Wave in 2020, and which voted for Donald Trump by a 20% margin). One would think that Montana would be a pretty safe place for Tucker Carlson to visit.

But apparently, Dan Bailey wanted to get into Carlson’s face and make his visit unpleasant. He posted about it on his Instagram (see below).

Bailey writes, “It’s not every day you get to tell someone they are the worst person in the world and really mean it! What an asshole! This man has killed more people with vaccine misinformation, he has supported extreme racism, he is a fascist and does more to rip this country apart than anyone that calls themselves an American.”

Thankfully, the Montana Daily Gazette can translate liberal, a language of mishmash gibberish, and has provided a translation of Bailey’s statements (below).”

“I am excited to berate a customer for being a journalist. Carlson has disagreed with Anthony Fauci as many times as Anthony Fauci has disagreed with Anthony Fauci ( and that’s a lot); ergo, he is a murderer because words are violence. Except, of course, they’re my unpleasant invectives, which are not violence. Carlson is a racist because, heck, every conservative is a racist, right? And, truth is divisive. Everyone who disagrees with me is a divider.”

You can watch the video below. When you do so, notice that Bailey was neither socially distanced nor wearing a mask. How rude.

Here’s the thing, though…This Dan Bailey (this massive jerk-wad) is not the Dan Bailey who owns Dan Bailey’s Outdoor Company (who died 9 years ago). Neither is he even related and has nothing to do with the store. His name is 100% pure coincidence.

Montana Daily Gazette reached out and spoke to the store co-owner of Dan Bailey’s Outdoor Company, Dale Sexton, who told MDG, “To be clear, we treat all of our customers with respect, regardless of their ideological persuasion. We treat everyone equally. Mr. Carlson was helped by two members of our staff and we appreciate his business, and his business is welcome here.”

Sexton did mention that Mr. Bailey is known by the shop and is a customer. It has been reported – and we have yet to verify – that Bailey is a fishing guide. If so, we’ll be sure to tell you how to issue you fine Montana hello (politely) to Bailey and to tell him to stop harassing people who visit our state, especially when they share our values.

Tucker, if you’re reading this, Montana Daily Gazette is the #1 news source in Montana and is beating all the liberal legacy press. If you need directions, help, hospitality, or kindness while you stay in our fine state, reach out to our publisher directly, We’ll be happy to keep the liberals off your back while you visit. Bless you.

[HT Tyler Vance for info. PS. Please RT this article to @TuckerCarlson on Twitter to make sure he sees it. Montana loves him, except for a few rabid liberals out there. They’re rare in this fine state; we are sorry you ran into one.]


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  1. Tucker Carlson is FAKE NEWS. He had to admit in court that he is only entertainment, and absolutely nobody should take him seriously. So, why are you standing up for him? You sound like FAKE NEWS, too! No wonder you won’t even put your name on your articles “Publisher” coward.

    • Ummm publisher is EASY, go pool at we’ll published this newspaper. You’re quite the piece of trash. Can’t even so a search on this paper, the publishers name is here. Im not even hobby to respond to your idiocy in regards to Tucker, you clearly have agreed your brain with bleach.

  2. Hahahahaha if Tucker Carlson is fake news (NOT) then what are the really fake news you listen to Mr. White? The Communists News Nutjobs?
    Fact is you can take your opinions and bait your own hook with them.

  3. For the benefit of your readers, whoever wrote the headline does not know who Dan Baileys is. The fly shop, Dan Baileys based in Livingston, is an institution of a fly shop (not bait shop), so it would behoove you to differentiate the two. Second, I understand this person Dan Bailey is a person unrelated to the namesake of the shop who has been dead for 29 years. The home page of their website explains it all. Tucker is a grown man, he can take care of himself and likely gets this type of attention from people all over the country. The fact that someone just happened to be waiting with a camera phone while a guy named Dan Bailey found his way into a fly shop while Tucker was there (no doubt tipped off to create the scene) tells us all how manufactured this was.

  4. Why did the store not kick this Dan Bailey out? It says a lot that they let other customers be harrassed by this lunatic. Terrible!

  5. The liberal crack pot POS Bailey , had no right to harass Carlson or any other customer. If cameras weren’t rolling to protect the scumbag, he would have been used to mop the floor & then tossed in the dumpster.


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