Op-Ed: Missoula Hospital’s 82 White COVID Flags are *Discriminatory* Propaganda


While it may seem like an honorable thing to plant 82 white flags on the lawn outside St. Patrick Hospital in order to give tribute to the patients who have died from COVID 19 and exacting those who have perished, in actuality it is discriminatory, particularly against other diseases and causes of death.

Speaking to KGVO News, Chief Mission Officer Karen Myers explained the reasons for the flags, along with why they invited as many hospital personnel as possible to attend the event and bow their heads to observe 82 seconds of silence.

“We invited all of our staff to come out to the front lawn, which is along Broadway and McCormick and we invited all of the people who cared directly for the COVID patients who died to come forward and we placed the white flags in the ground representing every life lost,…It was very moving and very touching, and then we had 82 seconds of silence representing each one of those lives.”

But why the special treatment? We never see heart attack victim flags sprawled out on hospital lawns. We don’t see flags for cancer patients or those who have died from dimentia or some other debilitating disease, despite the fact that deaths from cancer and heart disease are each double that of the novel coronavirus.

Furthermore, we also NEVER see flags in front of hospitals to remember all the abortions performed, placed there by the doctors and nurses to remember the babies who were gassed, burned with chemicals, or dismembered in numbers that are again, double that of COVID deaths.

So why the flags representing 82 deaths? Why not white flags representing those who died of other upper respiratory ailments, or those who died within the hospital walls from car accidents?

It’s because Chief Mission Officer Karen Myers” is on a mission, with her purpose featured prominently within the vaccination virtue-signaling article.

“We’d love to strongly encourage everybody to get a vaccine…We do know that’s a personal choice and there are many places around the community where those can happen. I think we know how effective they are. The Science has shown us that and we’re definitely seeing it help reduce the rate of the pandemic. So yes, we would strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated.”

So there you have it, folks. No mention of how many died of cancer in a year at St. Patrick’s with pleas to donate to cancer research, or heart attacks or abortions, whether they happened at St. Patrick’s or in Missoula elsewhere.

But COVID is “special.” There’s a lot of COVIDCash made within hospital walls, and they MUST keep the narrative going because vaccines are the perennial moneymaker and heaven knows we will all need plenty of them for YEARS to keep the “pandemic” away.

Lost within all this drama is the salient fact that most people who pass away from COVID actually entered the hospital with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or low vitamin D levels and are overwhelmingly older in age, typically 75-85+ with significant co-morbidities that make survival after being exposed to any sicknesses unlikely or impossible. Very few people die of COVID. Most die “with” COVID, and so you need to be highly skeptical of the case counts being released.

Not only that, but with such low mortality rates, some reports indicate that children who get the experimental COVID shot are two times more likely to die from the injection than they are from COVID. In the last 18 months, not one child has died in the state of Montana from COVID, but “the science” is demanding that they get injected as soon as humanly possible.

The narrative is everywhere, it’s overwhelming, and we need to see it for what it is.


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