FBI Fraud Investigator Calls for RICO Probe of Montana’s Largest Credit Union


As promised, Montana Daily Gazette (MDG) and Montana Gazette Radio (MGR) continue to interview experts and reveal crucial documents which support our contention that a fraud investigation needs to be launched into the loan practices of Whitefish Credit Union (WFCU), specifically, loans made to Business Members.

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To recap, our first article laid the foundation for subsequent articles as it highlighted the methods that WFCU employed to defraud their members, with expert witness testimony, on both videos and in writing, while also including videos from 2 credit union victims.

The second article highlighted how WFCU added member properties to member loans without the member’s knowledge, substantiated by internal credit union memos and the video testimony of victim Joe Clark, which is also linked in the article.

The third article covers the testimony of District Judge James Manley, who articulated his views on the Dennis Thornton and Russ Sherman cases against WFCU during a deposition he was sitting for in the Deanna McAtee case, also against WFCU.

This brings us to the article you are reading now, which covers the video testimony of former FBI fraud investigator and current sitting Montana Senator David Howard (SD 29). While serving in the FBI, Howard participated in a sting operation that brought down 18 crooked judges in Chicago, with a brief stint in the bank fraud division catching white-collar criminals. In short, Howard knows a fraud when he sees it.

Howard, an avid reader of Montana’s #1 online news website, Montana Daily Gazette, was already familiar with the accusations against WFCU, which were further verified after MDG sent Howard additional evidence that has yet to be reported in print, or reported on the radio show.

Howard joined Jim White recently on MGR to discuss his experience as a fraud investigator and articulate why he thinks WFCU needs to be under investigation by the FBI.

When you look at the RICO statute…this kind of falls into that. You know what you got is, you have racketeering… literally, the FBI needs to get involved, they need to correspond their investigation with a US Attorney, and they need to start walking down this process and gathering all this information- David Howard

Howard covers his views on the need for a RICO investigation in the video below.

Another topic covered in Howard’s interview on MGR was the concerns that he has about a judge sealing evidence in a case when it doesn’t directly protect the identity of an innocent witness.

I kind of get uneasy when you start preventing evidence from being exposed… the only time I have seen evidence by a judge be sealed is when it revealed witnesses names that we thought wouldn’t live till the end of the day if it was revealed – David Howard

See Howard’s views on a judge sealing documents by clicking the video link below.

In summary, a former fraud investigator for the FBI has called for WFCU to be investigated for racketeering, and all of the evidence against them laid bare for everyone to see. If there is truly any justice left in Montana, Howard’s wish might just come true. Howard summarizes his stance on a fraud investigation into WFCU in the final video linked below.


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  1. Credit unions use to be call Saving and Loans. They paid you interest for using your money for loans. The interest they paid was over 6 percent, the debt of this Nation destroyed that interest. Your are lucky to get `1 percent interest. You would make just as much burying your money in the back yard.

  2. The Fumbling Bumbling Idiots, IE the Gestapo should be concerned with the Pedophiles who work for them, and clean up their agency.

    To Wit: June 24, 2021
    Louisiana State Police announced today that they busted a serial sexual deviant that has preyed on multiple children over a five year period.

    What is most alarming about the case is that the individual in question, 51-year-old David Harris, is an active duty FBI agent at the New Orleans field office.

    According to charging documents, agent Harris is accused of numerous crimes across multiple parishes, including Aggravated Crimes Against Nature (which under Louisiana criminal code means forced sodomy or bestiality), Indecent Behavior with Children under the age of 13. Attempted Rape, Obscenity, and Witness Intimidation.

    Agent Harris is the second FBI agent in two months to be charged for sodomizing children under the age of 13.

    Recently, FBI employees have been arrested for grooming kids on the internet, using their authority and powers to sexually and financially extort women, and an attempted murder case in Washington DC where an off-duty agent shot an unarmed vagrant on a crowded public train because he was angry at the foul language the victim was using.


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