Theft by Threat or Deception: Whitefish Credit Union Made a Fortune Defrauding Its Members


As additional evidence and victim testimony continues to pour into the Montana Daily Gazette (MDG) offices, a clearer picture of the fraud perpetrated by Whitefish Credit Union (WFCU) has begun to emerge.

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Montana Code Annotated (MCA) outlines several ways to define theft in MCA 2019 45-6-301, however, the first 2 are the most appropriate for this article and companion video.

Montana Code Annotated 2019
Part 3. Theft and Related Offenses

45-6-301. Theft. (1) A person commits the offense of theft when the person purposely or knowingly obtains or exerts unauthorized control over property of the owner and:

(a) has the purpose of depriving the owner of the property;

(2) A person commits the offense of theft when the person purposely or knowingly obtains by threat or deception control over property of the owner and:

(a) has the purpose of depriving the owner of the property

(Emphasis added by MDG)

If one refers back to the report by Allen Carver, it concludes that WFCU failed to alert their Business Members that they would no longer be approving loans due to regulatory constraints.

It is important to note that borrowers with Member Business Loans were not notified by WFCU that they would not be loaning any more money on development loans, including existing loans. – Allen Carver – Former Regional Director at NCUA

In addition, former members report that WFCU led them to believe that they would continue to loan them money for their projects while knowing that they could not do so. To the staff at MDG, all of the evidence points to the fact that WFCU acquired properties by the deception of Business Members, which violates the MCA highlighted above.

According to our research and victim testimony, one of the many troubling and highly illegal practices WFCU is engaged in is adding other properties that are owned by members into existing mortgages without their consent or knowledge. This illegal practice was covered in our second article here. There is much more to this method of property theft that will be covered in a later article.

Now, let us address the part of the MCA which covers acquiring property by threat. Almost every victim tells MDG that they were threatened to be “ruined’ or bankrupted if they didn’t agree to the illegal theft of their property by WFCU.

Well-respected doctor and long-time Flathead Valley citizen Perry Birky was a victim of threats and intimidation by WFCU attorneys leading up to the theft of his properties. Dr. Birkey tells his story of how he was pressured and intimidated in the video linked below.

As the evidence and victim testimony continue to flow into the MDG offices, we will uphold our promise to our readers to keep digging until we get to the truth.


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